Tough Guy Obstacle Race – Winter 2017

It seems entering challenges without notice might be becoming a thing. Maybe I stitched myself up with one my latest posts about saying yes to opportunity and tempted fate on this one??? Here’s a short video of my experience. I didn’t get any footage at the end of the event as I was too busy being cold. It turns out, I may have needed a bit more mindset … Continue reading Tough Guy Obstacle Race – Winter 2017

The World’s Smallest Microadventure?

19/02/17After a busy few weeks focusing on fundraising and sponsorship, teamed with the dark winter mornings and evenings, I was getting itchy feet for an adventure. With limited time, energy and finances, my housemate and I decided to do the tiniest of microadventures and set up camp just 12 metres from our front door in the garden. It was just the thing I needed to blow away the … Continue reading The World’s Smallest Microadventure?

Conquer The Wall China Marathon

I was invited to run a marathon across the Great Wall of China with only 3 weeks notice. With very little training, no flight or visa and no running gear for the intense Chinese sun, I used the experience as an experiment to see if I could wing it. I’m not sure how it happened but I completed the run in 10 hours 10 minutes and 11.5 seconds. That … Continue reading Conquer The Wall China Marathon

24hr Row

24 Hour Indoor Rowing Challenge

1712/16I was meant to do this 24-hour rowing challenge as part a team, taking it in turns to row in 2-hour shifts, but for various reasons, I ended up doing it by myself.I never would have thought this was possible, rowing constantly for 24 hours but with only 3 days notice, no other option and 2 British records up for grabs, I got stuck in. … Continue reading 24 Hour Indoor Rowing Challenge

The Comfort Zone Law

I just drew this for a friend: A short while back, I was stuck and almost got sucked into that centre circle. I was even being encouraged by others to get in there and stay but something didn’t feel right. I drew this because my friend is feeling frustrated with their life and I was attempting to demonstrate that pushing outside their comfort zone would help them achieve the things … Continue reading The Comfort Zone Law

30km Row at the Bear Grylls Survival Race

16/10/16A few weeks ago, I got myself in a right pickle.  I was feeling really low, had very little money to survive and was wondering how I was going to get myself in a position to be physically, mentally and more importantly, financially able to row around Great Britain. The final balance of my Round Great Britain Row deposit was due, and I was struggling to buy food … Continue reading 30km Row at the Bear Grylls Survival Race