Hiking the Isle Of Wight Coastal Path

I’d wanted to walk around the Isle of Wight for years. The last time I visited was on a school trip in junior school. So I invited my best mate, we stuffed our backpacks full of food and camping gear and a few weeks later we were on the train and ferry to the Isle of Wight. The Isle of Wight Coastal Path is 71 miles … Continue reading Hiking the Isle Of Wight Coastal Path

Columbia Baselayer Tights Review

Entering the Cotswold Outdoor Outlet store sent excitement through my veins. I didn’t need anything but everything was so cheap!“What’s that over there glistening under the shop lights?” I pick up a pair of Columbia Sports Women’s Midnight Stretch Baselayer Tights and play with the reflective, silver lining. “These are unusual,” I think. “I wonder if they work?” What’s this silver lining about?It’s Columbia’s patented Omni-Heat™ … Continue reading Columbia Baselayer Tights Review

7 Tips For Surviving a Death Race

Following my post on ‘What To Pack For A Death Race‘ I thought I’d write a few more tips on how to survive a ‘Death Race.’ These kind of events are growing in popularity as those crazy enough to sign up look to push themselves further and further. There’s Judgement Day The Unknown, Spartan Agoge, GORUCK, ROOTS Adventure Training, Fuego Y Agua Survival Run to … Continue reading 7 Tips For Surviving a Death Race

Wild Camping Microadventure Kit List

After hiking around the Isle of Wight with my bestie, I was so impressed with my kit, I’ve written it down for future reference.We walked 71 miles over 3 days and wild camped for 3 nights, carrying everything we needed, including all camping gear and food. The list looks enormous but this picture shows everything. I have put the brands I use next to the item.You can … Continue reading Wild Camping Microadventure Kit List

Body Aid Solutions Circuit Instructors Course

Sunday 14th August 2014I just got back from my Circuits Instructor course and am a freshly qualified coach oozing with enthusiasm to get out there and set up my first session. I must admit, I went into the course a little naive. I knew it wouldn’t be as simple as putting some exercise equipment on the floor and shouting random exercises, but I was surprised by the complexity in … Continue reading Body Aid Solutions Circuit Instructors Course