11 Uses for Coconut Oil Outside Of The Kitchen

I wrote this article for the Bulk Powders Blog.I’ve tweaked it slightly for my page:  There’s not many products in the Bulk Powders range that can be used outside of the kitchen.We don’t recommend pouring Pure Whey Protein into your bath or mixing Complete Pre-Workout in your washing machine, but we do recommend you take your Bulk Powders Organic Extra Virgin Coconut Oil out of the kitchen and … Continue reading 11 Uses for Coconut Oil Outside Of The Kitchen

Roasted Red Pepper & Spinach Vegan Flan

I was given this recipe by a client when I had my beauty salon.  I’m not sure where she got it from. It’s a few simple ingredients combined to make a delicious, healthy flan. Despite it being vegan, it’s so tasty and gets a thumbs up from even the biggest of meat-eaters. If you want to go gluten-free, it’s really easy, just use gluten-free oats … Continue reading Roasted Red Pepper & Spinach Vegan Flan

Homemade Natural Deodorant

I am continually replacing my toiletries and cosmetics with natural alternatives in order to: be environmentally friendly and throw away less packaging treat my body to natural formulas, minus preservatives and harmful ingredients save money on commercial products that can be made at home for a fraction of the price reduce the number of products I have in my life I wanted to stop wearing antiperspirant deodorant for … Continue reading Homemade Natural Deodorant

7 Natural Remedies for Acne

My Skin And I I suffered from acne from 14 years old until I was 32!It was an 18 year battle with my skin. Having always been fit, having an extremely healthy diet and being a fully qualified beauty therapist, you would think all these factors would have contributed towards healthy skin, but sadly not. In the past, I’ve taken and applied every possible shop product and prescribed … Continue reading 7 Natural Remedies for Acne

Dropping The Ball

My yoga teacher, Liz Chapman, talked about ‘dropping the ball’ in class. She was referring to starting new habits, like yoga, fitness and meditation. When we start we’re keen and do it all the time and gradually over time, we stop and ‘drop the ball.’ Her words made a big impact on me, as I frequently implement new techniques into my life, such as daily meditation … Continue reading Dropping The Ball