30 Day Sugar Free Challenge

04/02/17Each month, I plan on doing a ‘challenge’ to assist me in becoming a healthier and more productive human. February’s challenge is to eliminate sugar from my diet. For many years I was very strict with my eating plan, only eating sugar and sweet things once per week on a ‘cheat day’, but recently I found myself on the sugar train (choo choo) far too frequently. I’d … Continue reading 30 Day Sugar Free Challenge

11 Uses for Coconut Oil Outside Of The Kitchen

I wrote this article for the Bulk Powders Blog.I’ve tweaked it slightly for my page:  There’s not many products in the Bulk Powders range that can be used outside of the kitchen.We don’t recommend pouring Pure Whey Protein into your bath or mixing Complete Pre-Workout in your washing machine, but we do recommend you take your Bulk Powders Organic Extra Virgin Coconut Oil out of the kitchen and … Continue reading 11 Uses for Coconut Oil Outside Of The Kitchen

Roasted Red Pepper & Spinach Vegan Flan

I was given this recipe by a client when I had my beauty salon.  I’m not sure where she got it from. It’s a few simple ingredients combined to make a delicious, healthy flan. Despite it being vegan, it’s so tasty and gets a thumbs up from even the biggest of meat-eaters. If you want to go gluten-free, just use gluten-free oats and tamari sauce.And … Continue reading Roasted Red Pepper & Spinach Vegan Flan

Homemade Natural Deodorant

I am continually replacing my toiletries and cosmetics with natural alternatives in order to: be environmentally friendly and throw away less packaging treat my body to natural formulas, minus preservatives and harmful ingredients save money on commercial products that can be made at home for a fraction of the price reduce the number of products I have in my life I wanted to stop wearing antiperspirant deodorant for … Continue reading Homemade Natural Deodorant