Social Media Consultancy

Do you want to manage your own social media accounts but don’t know how?
Maybe you don’t have the budget to pay someone to do the social media work for you?

The Social Media Consultancy Package is for you!

Educating my clients on how they can manage their own social media accounts is one of the most rewarding aspects of my job. It’s the business and its staff that have the most knowledge and passion after all.

Combining the years of experience I’ve had with running my own award-winning business, teamed with taking care of numerous social media accounts of all shapes and sizes, including my own, I know what works!

The world of social media changes daily, therefore I’m constantly educating myself to stay on top of industry news, learning how to make it work.

I will pass on ALL my knowledge to you!

How can I help?

As part of a Social Media Consultancy Package, you will recieve the following, but not limited to:

  1. Platforms: With so many platforms to chose from, which are right for you and your business?
  2. Online Voice: What language should you use?
    Be humorous? Animated and extroverted?
    Bullet point and facts? Slick and professional?
    Whatever the voice, it has to be consistent.
  3. Algorithms: How do they work? And how to make them work for you.
  4. Frequency: How many times should you post per day/week?
  5. Timing: What time of day should you post?
  6. Engagement: How to create the most engagement from a post
  7. Brainstorming: Creativity and social media are what I was born to do.
    Let’s explore the creative ways on how we can develop your online presence and get your followers engaged with what you do.

I see so many businesses and brands making mistakes on social media. Basic mistakes that if corrected would make a positive difference to their online presence.

I even see fundamental errors with companies who have hired a social media agency to take care of their accounts. It makes me sad.

Get involved with my Consultancy Package and let me show you how easy social media can be.
I’ll give you all my top industry advice and secret recipes to make your campaign a success and most of all, enjoyable.

Read my case studies here and see what my clients have said about my work here.

If you would prefer me to take care of your social media accounts, check out the Social Media Management Package.
Either way, get in touch and let’s talk.