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I have produced over 80 live videos for Facebook, totalling over 307,000 views.
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Here are some examples of the live videos I have produced and presented:

Talisker Whisky Atlantic Challenge 2017 Race Start
A 3,000 mile Atlantic rowing race from La Gomera to Antigua
I had 16 hour’s notice to prepare for this video, to research ocean rowing 25 teams.
I was live for over 2 hours, with the video gaining over 73,000 views.

Tough Guy Winter 2018
One of Europe’s toughest obstacle course events.
These videos were part of the 4 videos filmed that day, which gained over 53,000 views.
My job was to get in on the action and show to viewers the gruelling course.

Red Bull Neptunes Steps 2018
This unique, open water swimming race was held in a lock in Scotland. The 4 live videos my team and I filmed gained over 70,000 views.

Social Day 2018
The UK’s top social media event in London.
The team and I recorded 28 live videos over the course of 3 days for Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, interviewing speakers and streaming some of the talks.

Rannoch Adventure – Atlantic Rowing Race Prep
The market leader in building ocean rowing boats.
I was sent to La Gomera to report on all the latest updates at the start of the Talisker Whisky Atlantic Challenge.

Rhino’s Classic 2018
The Rhino’s Classic is a bodybuilding competition.
One of my passions about live video is getting behind the scenes of an event and showing the viewers what goes on.
In most videos, I am in front of the camera speaking to the audience, but on this occasion, I remained anonymous.

Live Interviews – Rannoch Adventure
As well as producing edited interviews, I also host live interviews.

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