Live Video & Presenting

Live video is HUGE!
It’s one of the most successful ways to get noticed on social media and boost your audience.

So, you may wonder, “If live video is so good, why are so few people doing it?”
My answer is because live video is scary!

It’s very easy to stream a live video but takes skill, knowledge and experience on how to do it properly, with the professional edge.

I have been live streaming on social media since 2016, reaching over 500,000 people worldwide with my videos.

I specialise in streaming events, expos and shows.

My passion is creating a show the viewers can get immersed in and soak up the atmosphere. I interact with the audience, encouraging questions and requests, which results in more views and consequently more future sales for the company.

What is included in the Live Video Package?

  • All equipment: Cameras, rigs, microphones
  • Consultation & assessment to discuss your needs prior to your event
  • Support on how to announce the live videos on social media
  • Interaction with your audience during the live videos
  • Boosting algorithms: Liking and commenting on all reactions after the live filming has ended which boosts the reach of the video
  • Advice on boosting videos: how much and how long for.
  • Report: Post-event report detailing video views, reach, average watch time, demographics, action on page, website clicks, new page likes, graphs and so much more.
    It’s an all singing, all dancing report, that’s easy to read and understand, to help you see what effect the live videos have had on your business.
  • Evaluation: Post-event evaluation, reading the report and advising on what’s best for the future.


  1. Do you supply the equipment?
    Yes,  we visit with all the necessary equipment. You don’t need to supply anything.
  2. Is there anything I will need to do for the live video?
    Once we have the login details to the social media accounts (see point 3) we have everything we need. We do all the research about the event, we may ask a few questions to clarify information but we understand you want to crack on with your job.
  3. How do I know my login details are safe?
    We sign a privacy agreement with you to ensure your login details are kept safe. The day after the event, we sign out of all accounts and let you know we have done so, destroying the communication methods that held the security information.
  4. Am I allowed to request what is featured in the live videos?
    Yes! It’s your business, you have full control. If you’d prefer the team and me to crack on with our own initiative, we will. However, all this information is covered in the consultation.
  5. Can you advise me what to put in the live videos?
    Absolutely – this is my forte!
  6. I want to be involved in the video, or at least the brainstorming, can I do that?
    Yes! The more creative ideas, the better. Plus we always recommend an appearance from the Head Honcho in the live videos to drive engagement.
  7. How many live videos will you film?
    This depends on your business or event. We will do a full consultation and assessment prior to the live streaming, discussing what is right for you.
    8. Do you need wifi or 4g?
    Live streaming requires a good internet signal, whether that be wifi or 4g. The team and I come armed with enough data to host a TV programme. All we need to make sure of is that the signal is strong enough.

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