Box Life

Thinking about how we live in this modern world sometimes baffles me.

We live in a box (house).
Upon waking we grab a box (phone).
Some travel to work in a box (car).
Others travel to work in a different box, staring at a box (train staring at phone).
Then most sit in a box and work on a box (office and computer).
On getting home, some sit in front of the box (TV).
Then it’s repeated all over again.

What an odd existence.

I don’t want to live a box life.

For years, I’ve had battles in my brain about modern man and the modern world. I can’t seem to get my head around it.
I’ve just about come to accept that I will never truly come to a conclusion about how I feel about it all.

Our primitive brains and bodies weren’t designed to live this box life.
But what does one do when they feel like this? Run away into the woods, dress in a cloth and survive off the land? That’s not possible methinks.

I’m not sure how to end this.
Perhaps it’s fine to end it here.

What do you think of Box Life?
I’d love to hear from you over on Twitter.
Is it just me that feels it’s all a bit odd?