Thank you to the companies who support me in my training, challenges and adventures.
I work with companies who share my values to live a healthy, natural and fuss-free life.


I have been using these 100% natural and organic products for years!
Using a natural product on my skin is key to a healthy lifestyle.
I take these products on adventures to take care of my body.
My favourite products are the Arnica Massage Balm, Oat Replenishing Shampoo and Skin Food.


I’ve been barefoot since 2017.
I wear Vivobarefoot shoes for everything; fitness, running, hiking and as everyday shoes.
It’s really important for me and my feet to be as natural as possible.


I exercise most days which means I need a fitness kit I can rely on.
Odlo produces a range of sports kit for many activities, the quality is fantastic, it’s affordable and I like the history behind the brand.

Panache Sport

This INCREDIBLE sports bras makes sure my babaloons stay in one place and keeps them healthy when I exercise.


I use these sunnies for all my adventures because they have a lifetime adventure guarantee.
The polarised lenses are PERFECT for my ocean adventures.

Elliot Brown Watches

Despite using my fitness watch for my exercise and adventures, I like to escape the technology and digital world where possible.
Built in the UK, they are super durable watches at an affordable price, and offer a repair service which means the watch will last a lifetime!


Providing me with reliable wireless earphones for all my training and challenges – one pair accompanied me across the Atlantic ocean, surviving the hostile and wet conditions.


Showing we can decorate our bodies, have fun and dress up whilst taking care of our planet with this awesome biodegradable glitter.
I usually celebrate the final day of an adventure with a sprinkle of glitter on my face ✨💫