Speaker Testimonials

I’ve had the absolute pleasure to work with Laura on a number of projects for Talisker Whisky and she never fails to blow me away.

Laura has achieved what most of us could only dream of but delivers her story with such humility, humour and passion that never fails to leave her audience inspired to start making changes, however small, in their lives too.

I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her as a motivational and inspirational public speaker.

Helen Carswell – Brand Manager, Talisker Whisky

Laura came in to give a talk to myself and the team that I work in.
We are a high performing digital team that works in a fast-paced environment with many hurdles and challenges to face daily.

Laura’s talk was great, gave me and my team members inspiration and also a fresh outlook on how to deal with challenging situations.

She is also just great!
She captured the room immediately and built a great rapport with the whole team throughout the day that she spent with us.

Hayley Isaac – Digital Usability Manager, HSBC Bank UK

We asked Laura to come in and speak at one of our wellbeing lunches and she was everything I had hoped and more! Not only is her story very inspirational on any given day, in a time when most of us have been in a fairly confined area for more than a year, it was both relatable as well as being a welcome escape into an adventure that most of us can only dream of!

In addition, I’d asked Laura to focus on a couple of key aspects of her story to support what we’re trying to do with our own teams, namely aligning around a common goal to succeed and working as one team to do so. She took my brief and delivered on it exactly.

Her talk was enlightening and inspirational and we all took at least one thing away from it. People are still talking about it and indeed have been quoting some of the mantras Laura shared that they are now applying to get them over/through different situations.

In a nutshell, I couldn’t recommend Laura enough and hope that we can work together again when face to face interactions are back!

Zoe Kelleher – Client Success Director, Inviqa

In my work with senior leaders and senior leadership teams, I work with many great storytellers to help my clients learn faster and achieve more.”

“I recently worked with Laura Try at a critical team session.  I am delighted by her impact.  Her preparation, delivery and focus on helping the client adapt her lessons to their own world.”

“Just 4 weeks on and people are talking about what they have been trying and how this is helping them to perform better.”

“The client has already booked Laura for further sessions; the ultimate advocacy for her impact.  I too am looking forward to working with her again.”

Simon Scott – Partner, Coaching Impact

Wild Ones Podcast

Laura is the epitome of what makes an engaging and entertaining public speaker. It is always a pleasure to have Laura with us to share tales from her amazing range of experiences and adventures.

She has an incredible knack of putting an audience at ease and connecting with them in such a way you feel you’ve known her for years, not just an hour.

If you’re looking for a kick-ass, motivational, professional and positive speaker with more energy and enthusiasm than you thought was humanly possible then get Laura booked now. 

Andy Bartlett – Yes Stories & Yestival

Laura spoke at our annual P(our) Symposium this year, and was agreat inspirator to our audience! She is super energetic, alwayspositive and really bonded with the listeners through her inspiringjourney. We can not recommend her highly enough!

Monica Berg – Founder, P(our) Symposium

Laura came into the BEAR and Urban Fruit offices to give a motivational talk and to share her story about her time rowing the Atlantic.
She came prompt, well prepared and with bundles of energy and enthusiasm.

The talk was incredibly engaging and I know she inspired a lot of people who attended to take on their own physical challenges.

Laura is an incredibly positive, friendly and charismatic individual and I could not recommend working with her enough or inviting her in to do a talk. You will be thoroughly entertained 🙂

Elinor Thomas – Social Media Manager, Urban Fresh Foods

Laura spoke at our conference a couple of years ago. She was an absolute delight and such an easy person to get on with from the get-go.

She was very entertaining and engaged a large room with ease. A truly motivational speaker and a fantastically inspirational woman.

Kat Markowska – Event Manager, Weleda UK

Laura visited our office to tell her amazing story about becoming an endurance athlete.
She is a passionate speaker who has the power to engage her audience.

I enjoyed working with her for several of my clients’ campaigns as she delivers what she promises: genuine and ‘straight from the heart’ content.

Renate van del Wal – Associate Director, LEWIS Global Communications

Laura’s incredible story is matched only by her magnetic ability to share it and suspend an audience with every word.
Laura is a stellar public speaker and having invited her to give a talk at a speaker series, she was the superbly compelling, engaging, heartfelt and inspiring.

From start to finish, Laura worked with us to bring her story to life in the best way that suite the audience and the event.
She’s an inexplicable force to be reckoned with, a combination of grit and grace. Her ability to engage with the audience means her talks are dynamic, fascinating and moving – the ones that stick with you and ignite drive.
Her energy and passion are contagious so watch out!

Al Shaibani – Project Manager, Just So London

Laura is an amazing speaker! Her talk touched on important issues happening in our environment but they are humorous and honest.
What she has achieved is truly amazing and she makes you feel like you could achieve it too.
Everyone loved her at our event and left feeling really inspired.
We would love to have Laura at future events again.

Katherine Senior – Director, Ecostardust

Massive thank you to Laura for coming to the teapigs office to give us some Monday wisdom.
Her experience and knowledge of teamwork and overcoming challenges is so important in any business and has helped us think back to why are we doing this.
Very inspirational, informative and fun!


Laura was a fantastic headline speaker at the Love Her Wild Weekend 2018. She was not afraid to show honesty and vulnerability on stage which really enabled the audience to relate and connect with her story.

She was confident, well paced and on point – leaving us feeling motivated and inspired. I can highly recommend her as a speaker.

A natural entertaining storyteller!

Bex Band – Founder, Love Her Wild

I have interviewed Laura three times about her round GB row and target of rowing the Atlantic. Laura is an inspiring interviewee with a great story and always brings a chat to life with her energy, humour and most of all engaging personality.

Chris Hood – DJ, Pheonix Radio

I just want to say thank you so much for the assembly you delivered at our school. You were so inspirational for both students and staff. Your perspective on life was admirable and something I hope we all aspire to achieve. We cannot wait to hear about your adventures and would very much like for you to visit us in the near future and continue to spark an enthusiasm in our students. Good luck with your journey!

Faculty Leader of Arts & PE, The Ongar Academy

Laura was amazing at telling us the ins-and-outs of her experience and made it interesting with the videos on the boat and being “in the boy’s cabin”.

Laura made the talk light-hearted and incorporated Mr Lawn, the PE staff and the some of the audience in her demonstration, putting into perspective how small the boat was that she lived on for two months with three others. I’m sure she has enthused many of the students here at Alec Hunter, to do something as incredible.

A big thank you to Laura for an astonishing talk.

Sarah Stevens – Head Girl, Alec Hunter Academy

Your talk was one of the best and most exciting we have had at our monthly lunches.
I can heartily recommend that you use your experience to give further talks on the subject which I am sure will be appreciated as much by other listeners as it was by us.

Trevor Bond – Chairman, Rotary Club Billericay

All the members appreciated your visit very much and look forward immensely to the next time we all get to meet you again.

There is absolutely no doubt in the minds of us all, that Laura possesses amazing qualities. 
Her bubbly personality and confidence puts her in good stead for all she aims for, and we wish her luck and good fortune for the future.

Tony Clark – Secretary, Brentwood 41 Club

Entertaining and inspirational.

Peter Philpotts – Chairman, Brentwood 41 Club