Hey! Thanks for stopping by.

I love trying new things and going on adventures documenting my learnings along the way.
My mission is to experience as much as possible and live a cheerful, healthy, conscious life.

My moto: Just try it!

Life hasn’t always been this way. Once upon a time, I was a shopaholic beauty salon owner, filling my life with things!
I am now a consumer-conscious endurance athlete and adventurer.

My life changed in my thirties through a series of events, two of which are:

  1. Rowing 1,800 miles around Great Britain in 2017 which took 56 days.
  2. Rowing rowed 3,000 miles across the Atlantic ocean in 2018 which took 43 days.

I wasn’t a rower before signing up to these. That’s where “Just try it” started.

What will you find on here?

  • Updates on my adventures and challenges
  • Achieving total body health through fitness and food
  • Event and product reviews that make me happy
  • Bits and pieces I find interesting
  • Self-development stuff I write for myself, that can also be helpful to others

A bit more of the back story

I spent most of my childhood dancing, with the dream of one day becoming a professional dancer. Sadly, finance in the family was low which meant I couldn’t go to a professional dance school, so I gave up on that idea aged 16. (If only I knew then what I know now).

As a youngster, I wasn’t ‘outdoorsy’ at all. I didn’t know how to climb trees and never went camping. In fact, the first time I went camping was when I was 28, and I only went because I fancied the guy who invited me.

In my early twenties, I opened my own beauty salon. Most of the time I was caked in makeup, wearing designer dresses and high heels. I earnt a load of money which I didn’t know what to do with so spent it on things!

When I hit thirty, I had some kind of early mid-life crisis, realising I wasn’t doing what I wanted with my life. I had accumulated so much stuff; designer clothes, technology, furniture, and this stuff wasn’t making me happy.
What I really wanted was to be able to hike up mountains, run through the countryside and do the cool adventures I’d seen on TV.

So, in 2015 I ditched my ‘old’ existence as a successful beauty salon owner and went on the hunt for life with more spirit and adventure.  I sold most of my belongings and discovered I’m happier living with fewer things and more experiences.

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