A list of books I have read and some thoughts about them.
I have added a * to the books I recommend.
See my Recommended Reading list here.


  1. The Obstacle is the Way, Ryan Holiday *
    A truly incredible book full of lessons. A must read for anyone, showing that obstacles and challenging times can be used to our advantage. Not a criticism, more an observation, so many exampled were of men, but then those were how times used to be.
  2. Solitude, Michael Harris
    This wasn;t what I was expecting, the book delved into the the ‘issues’ of the modern world and digital much more than exploring solitude. I enjoyed it all the same as it got me thinking.
    The last chapter was very special.
  3. Currently reading:
    – BluePrint, Ross Edgley
    Sprint, Jake Knapp


  1. Tribes, Seth Godin
    I struggle with this short paragraph, Seth Godin style of writing. There were some thought provoking things in this book but I much prefer story telling, rather than bullet point style writing. I gave up reading the last few pages as I couldn’t find momentum and connection to the book.

  2. Grounded, Ruth Allen
    A beauty book – I connected with the author early on in the book, but lost some interest later on as felt as though things were repeated. I wanted more science. The pictures and feeling of the book was beautiful.

  3. Chasing the Sun, Linda Geddes *
    A fantastic book full of insight and science. I learnt a lot and it inspired me to do several challenges outdoors to get the benefits of sunlight. I will refer back to this book for many videos.

  4. The Natural Navigator, Tristan Gooley
    I liked this book because of the tips given, but struggled to really get into it. Perhaps I wanted story telling, or easier-to-undertand tips. I didn’t finish the last few chapters because I couldn’t find the enjoyment. Perhaps I will revisit. I learn from it though as make observations on my nature walks.

  5. Just Breathe by Dan Brulé
    A brilliant book, sharing stories, techniques and science.

  6. Me, Elton John
    An eye opening book, giving a glimpse into this incredibly talented man’s life. I was blown away with how he creates his music and what he has done and been through. My full respect to Elton. He was born to be a star.

  7. 5 Day Diet, Patrick Holford
    I was intrigued to try this ‘diet’ to see if I could enter autophagy without a full fast. The book gave lots of science and was easy to read. I doubt I will do the 5 Day Diet again, I prefer a full fast.

  8. Nala’s World, Dean Nicholson
    A beauty book about a man cycling around the world who met a stray cat. Truly heart warming!

  9. The Oxygen Advantage, Patrick McKeown *
    A real eye-opener. Have I been breathing wrong all my life? I implemented some techniques and had great results.

  10. The Potato Hack, Tim Steele
    5 days eating only potato…. a fascinating book! I learn so much about resistant starch. I really enjoyed reading and learning from this.

  11. Kettlebells: Simple and Sinister, Pavel Tsatsouline
    Did I need a whole book to explain theory of this fitness plan? Perhaps not. I enjoyed reading Pavel’s writing though.

  12. The Wedge, Scott Carney *
    Scott is one of my favourite authors, and this is one of the favourite books – ice baths, potato hacks, plant medicine, sauna therapy – all the things I love, matched with his fantastic story telling and writing..

  13. Ready To Run, Kelly Starrett
    And extremely book explaining the mechanics of running and giving simples exercises on how to improve the body for running.

  14. The Choice, Edith Ever *
    It’s hard to out this book into words. A must read for everyone – allowing us to put our lives into perspective from this women’s horrendous ordeal.

  15. The One Thing, Gary Kellar *
    A truly life changing book for those who want to master their craft. I will read this again for sure!

  16. Essentialism, Greg McKeown *
    A fantastic book (especially read back to back with The One Thing) giving techniques on how to cut out the unnecessary and digital noise, and focus on our passions and work. I owe it to this book that I was able to start my YouTube channel.

  17. Good Sugar Bad Sugar, Allen Carr
    This book allowed me to cut processed sugar from my diet. It is receptive, but expect that the repetitive nature is what makes the method work.

  18. Why We Sleep, Matthew Walker *
    Eye opening and changed my relationship with sleep. I no longer want to take part in endurance events that disrupt my sleep.

  19. What Doesn’t Kill Us, Scott Carney *
    A in depth look into breathwork and ice therapy. It was this book that encouraged me to start ice baths.

  20. Habits of a Happy Brain, Loreta Graziano Breuning *

  21. The Molecule of More, Daniel Lieberman & Michael Long *
    I read this while on my digital detox and it was amazing! A absolute must read about the hormone dopamine and how it effects us. This book allowed me to address certain negative behaviours I have in my life.

  22. The War of Art, Steven Pressfield *
    Life changing! I have read it twice. a short and wonderful book focusing on creativity and how Resistance (capital R) does it’s best to try and pull us away from creating. I will read this again over and over for the rest of my life.

  23. Pomodoro Technique, Stefan Noteberg
    I’m not sure I needed a book to explain this simple working method – some bits my brain switched off, but it was still interesting.

  24. The Dip, Seth Godin
    I usually struggle with Seth Godin books but I enjoyed this one. A very short book about overcoming the struggles in business/creativity.

  25. 10% Happier, Dan Harris *
    Wonderful written – stories of News Anchor Dan, and how meditiation has helped him in all aspects of hsi life. A really great read!

  26. Exhale, Richie Bostock
    I enjoyed learning about how Richie became a breathwork coach. It outlined many techniques for all kinds of situations.

  27. The Icarus Deception, Seth Godin
    I wanted to like this but cannot connect with Seth’s style of writing.

  28. Smart Phone Dumb Phone, Allen Carr
    I read this whilst on my digital detox and found it very helpful.


  1. The Complete Guide to Fasting
  2. The Art of Resilience
  3. The Artist’s Way *
  4. Letters From a Stoic
  5. Meditations
  6. Eat Sleep Cycle
  7. Lying *
    A fascinating short book about lying.
  8. Atomic Habits (audio) *
  9. 7 Habits of Highly Effective People (audio) *
  10. Tools of Titans, Tim Ferriss *
    This is my bible!
  11. Deep Work (audio) *

Pre 2020

I didn’t really read books.
I mostly listened to audio books when driving and running.
My recommended books from then are:

  1. Shantaram
  2. An Astronauts Guide to Living on Earth
  3. The Magic of Thinking Big
  4. The Chimp Paradox
  5. Eat And Run
  6. Born To Run
  7. Conversations With God
  8. Bounce
  9. Eat That Frog *
  10. Your Bodies Many Cries For Water
  11. The Power
  12. Hero: The Secret
  13. The Secret