The Anti Inflammatory Shot

Many of you may have seen me necking a bright orange, slimey, lumpy shot most mornings on my Instagram stories.

I’m amused by how many people a) find it entertaining and b) want the recipe. Well, here you are, you delicious people.

(PLEASE NOTE: By reading this you do realise you have entered into a non-verbal agreement with me to do this shot every morning for a week? You’re welcome!)


  • Dried Stuff:
  • 1 tsp dried turmeric
  • 1/4 tsp cinnamon
  • 1/4 tsp ground ginger
  • 1/8 tsp of cayenne pepper
  • A generous pinch of black pepper
  • A pinch of clove – I count a ‘pinch’ as one clove.
    I bought whole cloves and whizzed into a fine powder using a food processor. You could also finely chop using a knife.


  1. Mix all the ingredients together in a glass with a small whisk or fork. Alternatively use a small food processor (more washing up though.)
  2. Down the shot, slamming the glass down in triumph afterwards.
  3. Dramatic reaction on completion. *
  4. Film yourself drinking it, post on social media and tag me so I can share it. *

    * optional


  1. Don’t add too much water otherwise it turns into a multi-gulp shot which increases the gag factor.
  2. I pre-mix a batch of the dried ingredients in a small storage box, about 20-30 shots – see picture. I do the same with the cider vinegar and olive oil, mixing them in a bottle. This saves time with making it every morning. I add one and a half teaspoons of the ‘dried stuff’ to a glass, two tablespoons of the ‘wet stuff,’ then add the lemon juice and a splash of water.
  3. I would recommend doing this shot first thing in the morning when your stomach is empty. That way all the goodness gets to work straight away. Plus it’s a GREAT way to wake up!
  4. Do NOT exercise heavily straight after this shot.  The regurgitated cayenne mixed with stomach acid tends to burn the oesophagus.
  5. Go organic if your bank balance allows it as I’m sure it would be better.


I had visions of researching all the ingredients, providing you with a detailed description of what each one does. The truth is there are TONNES of articles like that scattered all over the internet, so if you are curious then pop over to Mr Google and ask him.

I will however tell you what benefits I have received from doing this shot every morning since October 2017.

In order of what I have noticed:

  1. Clearer Skin: I suffer from spotty skin from time to time, but since doing this shot my complexion is clearer.
  2. Healthy Joints: I work out every day and find this shot helps with aches and pains.
    When I ran a 45-mile ultra-marathon on a whim, I believe it helped cure a seriously injured knee in just 3 weeks.
  3. Improved Immune System: I rarely get physically ill (it’s just my noggin that gets poorly). The powerful ingredients in this shot keep my immune system tip-top.
  4. Increased Circulation: Having suffered from Raynaud’s Phenomenon in my twenties, I still get cold hands and feet. The cinnamon, ginger and cayenne pepper stimulates the smooth muscle in my body and helps pump warm blood to the extremities.
  5. For Women: but hey, men might find this interesting as well. Who knows!? I have a tendency to suffer from an imbalance in the …. *cough……  lady area. Since taking this shot, things are more balanced. I think because the ingredients have a wealth of health-giving properties. Enough said.

There are also suggestions that turmeric may even help with depression – I’m totally down with that! Read more about it here.

I LOVE this shot and will continue doing it every morning forever.

I’d love to see your Anti Inflammatory Shot faces 😲

I want to see your reactions!
I share mine on Instagram stories most mornings.
Post your videos and pictures on social media and tag me so I can share them – Facebook, Twitter & Instagram.

I am not a doctor, dietician, health practitioner or anything similar. I like healthy foods and taking care of my body and write this recipe as a reference.
Please take advise from a professional if you have any doubt that this shot may not be suitable for you i.e. you are pregnant, trying to become pregnant, taking medication, you get the gist.

Thanks for reading!