A Beginners Guide to Twitter

I love Twitter.I love its instantness.There are no bullshit, make-you-envious, filtered-to-the-max pictures (*cough – Instagram).There’s no over-elaborated explanation of what’s going.It’s just short, punchy pieces of information, links and a few photos giving an insight into the lives of the people I find interesting. When I declare my love of Twitter to clients and friends, they often reply with “I just don’t get it.”The beauty … Continue reading A Beginners Guide to Twitter

One Thing Leads To Another

26/11/17In 2014 ago I was the owner of a beauty salon and had never done an event more than a few hours.I’d only been running a few years and was just days away from my first ever endurance event.I’d never done anything like it before.I’d been offered the ticket for free just 6 weeks before and wasn’t prepared with kit or training.But I said yes … Continue reading One Thing Leads To Another

Yestival 2017 – Event Review

Plant yourself in the world you want to be a part of. Bex Band, the Ordinary Adventurer. For this reason, I drove to West Sussex alone, to camp in a field for 3 days, with a group of people I didn’t know during Storm Brian. Yestival is the brainchild of adventurer Dave Cornthwaite.  This “self-propelled” man has completed fourteen 1,000-mile human powered expeditions all over … Continue reading Yestival 2017 – Event Review

The Frustrations Of Luxury

Throughout the latter part of the Great British Row, we were able to pull into land frequently to replenish our food supplies, grab a shower and use the all-important facilities for a you-know-what. But I didn’t like it. Find out why in my post here. And yes. That’s me with Lyo Food porridge on my face. It only seemed fair to continue eating ration packs when luxuriating … Continue reading The Frustrations Of Luxury