What To Do When You Lose Your Mojo

We all know those days, the ones when our brain feels like cotton wool and productivity is zero.
We’ve lost our mojo!
We can’t be bothered to exercise or muster up the energy to do the job at the top of our list.

The Oxford dictionary tells me mojo means ‘a magic charm or spell.’

That’s a pretty big deal to be expected to have mojo every day!

Our modern world is full of motivational sayings telling us to do more and squeeze every last drop out of our day. In essence, we’re told we should be full of mojo every day!

I call bullshit on this!

Here are some tips for when you’ve lost your mojo.

1. It’s ok to not be ok
It’s ok to lose your mojo.
You can’t give 100%, 100% of the time. It’s not possible.

If you lose it for a week or two, that’s alright. Your mind and body are likely taking the time to rejuvenate.

The issue comes when you’ve lost it for so long that you might not find it again. That’s when you may need to re-evaluate the situation. (see point 5).

A half-hearted effort can be ok. Not everything requires every ounce of your soul, despite what we are told. In fact, I wrote this blog in between exercises of a half ….. erm, who am I kidding?! ….. quarter-hearted workout.

2. It will return
“It will pass” is one of my favourite sayings. Knowing that any bad situation will always pass. My team and I came up with this when we rowed across the Atlantic Ocean.

When you are feeling rubbish, chances are your mojo has gone for a wander to find its mojo. Know that it will return in its own time and when it does, you will have even more pazazz.

3. Ebb and flow
Being on ‘top form’ every day is not possible.
It’s like looking out of the window and expecting the weather to be perfect every single day. It’s not going to happen!

Your mojo has disappeared for a reason – listen to that reason.

4. Space
Welcome the space that losing your mojo provides.
Your body may need a rest from being on the move so much.
Your brain may need some time to relax and process.

Acceptance is a beautiful thing.
Accept you’ve lost your mojo. Often that can relieve some of the pressure and negative feelings.

5. Does it want to be found?
Are you doing what you really want?
It’s a bit of a deep question but a powerful one. It cuts the crap.
If the answer is no, then it’s likely you’ll never find your mojo.

Ensure your energy and actions are being directed into the correct areas of your life. That way your mojo will always stick around.

A side note: It’s ok if your passions change. Just because you loved something once doesn’t mean you’ll love it forever.

6. Choice
There are often two choices you have; you either do ‘it’ or you don’t.
It’s a privilege to have the choice to do something, or not to do it.

The key here is either:
1. accept your mojo has gone, or,
2. fight that feeling and give your best effort to get the job done!

Don’t wallow. I’ve done it myself – I know I’m not in the right frame of mind to do something, so I chose not to do it. Then I proceed to feel guilty for not doing it. Not ideal.

Accept it or JUST GET ON WITH IT.

7. Kindness
Don’t beat yourself up for losing your mojo. That will make you feel worse.
Give yourself a break and accept.

Important Note
It’s important to say that losing your mojo isn’t the same as feeling depressed, anxious or overwhelmed. It’s when you’ve lost your motivation for something and are having a bit of a lacklustre few days.
If you’re not feeling great and the above tips aren’t helping, please speak to someone about how you feel xxx

I wrote this blog after losing my fitness mojo, which if you know me is unusual.
In the past, I would beat myself up for not wanting to exercise. Now I know the feeling will pass, and I do as much or as little as I want in that moment.

I write my blogs to give advice to myself as if I am someone else. I make them public on the basis others might find them useful.

If you’ve lost your mojo in the past and found a way to get it back, it’d be cool to know what you did. Or maybe you went on the hunt and never found it?
Come and find me on social media and tell me your story, I’d love to hear from you.