Van Log Conclusion 

Van Log has come to an end.  
It’s weird sleeping in a bed and not a sleeping bag.

And I must admit, we don’t like it. We miss #vanlife.

Originally, when MT suggested we stay in the van for 2.5 weeks I wasn’t looking forward to it. I’m a creature of habit and thought it was going to be really cold at night. It turns out it wasn’t, it was really snug. The only thing I did miss was a snuggle with my lovely MT as we were wrapped up in our individual sleeping bags like caterpillars.

The evenings were beautiful; peace and quiet, pitch black, rain tapping on the roof, cosy and snug and satisfied from a full and productive day.

We spent a total of 16 consecutive nights in the van and it taught us so much, more than we could have ever imagined, about ourselves and about each other.

The amount of cubic space in the van is similar to that of the ocean rowing boat we will be living on for 50 days across the Atlantic ocean.

Everything we need for 2.5 weeks

The compact living space in the van is small for one person, let alone 2, so packing light was essential and having a strict routine was vital.

We experienced each other’s habits, good and bad, and had to deal with the other being super tired, hungry, cramped and grumpy at times. Sometimes, all 4 in one!
The worst bit was when we were both feeling all of those and just wanted to hide away but there was nowhere to hide. On these occasions, I would get in my sleeping bag and put my hat over my eyes. There’s no doing that on the boat though, it will be all about rowing, sleeping and taking care of each other and the boat.

MT and I had the best time together.
You guys saw the pictures of us having fun and getting up to mischief, however, there were times when we would disagree, bicker and get on each other’s nerves. Every time this happened, I kept thinking, imagine you are on the boat, it’s going to be harder than this on the boat. But with each ‘incident’ we learnt and improved.

And somehow we managed. We did better than that, we excelled at living and working together as a great team. This is how we came to the conclusion we can conquer the Atlantic ocean as a pair. As if living in a van for 2 weeks can make such a life-changing decision to happen. We feel even more confident about completing our challenge.

This is all a bit deep, not a lot of humour involved at all, nothing about Fred or farting.

A room with a view

I’ve learnt that I do not need my fancy clothes, toiletries and an extensive array of kitchen gadgets to succeed. I just like to have my lovely MT around, great company and activities.

Thank you for all the support and lovely messages we have received since doing this. It was never our intention to write van logs, but given the great feedback, it’s given me the final push I’ve needed to launch my blog.

Thank you for reading.

We hope there will be more #vanlife soon xxxx

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