Bushcraft Skills Course Review

In another impromptu moment, I was invited to attend a bushcraft and survival skills course at Grafham Water in Cambridgeshire.  Without hesitation, of course Isaid yes.

The 6.5 hour course, hosted by the Institute for Outdoor Learning cost £45 for members and £90 for non-members and covered the following:

  • Confident fire lighting
  • Using natural materials for survival and shelter
  • Tarps and shelters
  • Knot skills
  • Bushcraft games

Course leaders Dave Watson & Martin Rollin have a combined knowledge of 28 years in the industry and were superb in delivering the course.

I was astounded that by the end I was able to set up a complete camp from scratch within 45 minutes. This included setting up a tarpaulin shelter using natural materials, with secure quick release knots, as well as starting a fire with no lighter or matches. In fact, the fire lighting technique Martin taught me was so quick I was able to start and maintain 2 fires within 30 minutes!

Visit their websites here: Woodland Survival Crafts or Silverback Bushcraft.

I look forward to going back for more!