My Spirit Animal: the house cat

I was asked what my spirit animal was.
I wanted to come up with a super cool, inspiring creature, however, my answer is the humble house cat.

Perhaps this answer could be considered boring?
Let me explain….

Firstly, I love cats and cats love me.
Secondly, how cool would it be to go off and do adventures in the day and come back home for cuddles at night?

There’d be no expectations of what the next day holds.
No fear of when our life might end.
No internal chats such as “I wish I hadn’t have said that….”

I’d just go off and catch a mouse or a bird, have a little sunbathe, explore the local gardens, then go back for a cuddle. How lovely would love be?

I’ve been learning about the brains of mammals recently, specifically limbic systems and cortexes. Other mammals have got a relatively smaller brain, which means they don’t get all the internal chat that we have.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s nice to have that imagination as a human – that ability to dream, to have visions and ambitions, but that ability can also have a negative effect sometimes.

How lovely to be a house cat and live in that very moment each and every day.

Click below to listen to the podcast I gave this answer on.
The section related to this blog is at 145:46.