I Deleted my Social Media Apps

There are not many times where I come out of social media and feel good. I can imagine that’s how many people feel.
I get lost in a digital vortex looking at what other people are doing, many of whom I don’t even know!
Time warps and 5 minutes turns into 20 minutes……
I don’t even remember why I clicked on those brightly coloured icons in the first place and now I’m watching a video of a girl french plait her hair. (I don’t even have hair long enough for a french plait!)

I get so frustrated when I realise how much time I’ve wasted and then how ‘blurgh’ I feel after.

Then I watched this video, and it was a big enough nudge for me to delete the social media apps from my phone.
I realised I’d become mildly addicted (I can’t believe I’m even writing that!) and had become a victim of my own dopamine.

Did you know?
When we open Instagram that small time delay in loading the notifications is programmed?
Many think this is the system loading, but oh no my dear friends, the time delay is engineered on purpose, to build anticipation and get even more dopamine flowing! The dopamine is already in our bloodstream as soon as we hit that icon….
This time delay is weaved into the app to make it more addictive. I’m not keen on that.

When I say I deleted my social media apps, I’m twisting the truth a little because although I did delete them from my personal phone, because of my job, I still have to have them so I put them on my work phone. But I certainly don’t get the same urge/desire/fix from picking up my work phone, and I’m hoping I’ll break the habit of clicking those apps.

I don’t want to play the game anymore.
I don’t want to continue watching what other people do, wasting my time and not spending it on me.

2 months after writing this, deleting the apps wasn’t enough so I did this: