5 Day Fasting Journal

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Adjustments I made from 7 day fast
– Take electrolytes
– Refeed better – bone broth and fast mimicking diet
– Gut biome after (sauerkraut, kimchi, KSO juice)
– Less exercise
– More sunlight (as doing this in the winter)
– use a blood glucose and ketone monitor (instead of ketone strips)

– refeed with bone broth
– drink mineral water
– use electrolytes

Cost of supplements

Ketone monitor
Includes test strips x 200



  • A system reset, 16 months since last fast
  • Take lessons from last time
  • Keep on top of benefits
  • Help clear skin
  • Disease prevention

Day before
I don’t feel entirely prepared for a 5 day fast. My work has been (good) busy recently, which means my brain can be scattered. Perhaps the fast is a good opportunity to take stock?

There is never really a good time to do a fast, so I guess now is a good time. 

I am looking forward to that euphoric feeling I had last time, although that was on days 6 and 7 and this time I’m only doing 5 days – although I will be supplementing with electrolytes so it’ll be interesting to see if that makes any difference. I also know what to expect this time.

Day 0
My last meal was at 1500 – beef and vegetables.

I had planned to have dinner but was still full from lunch so decided to skip dinner and that I was already into my fast. That threw me off a bit.

I was hungry before going to bed because of no dinner, but suppose that feeling was inevitable.

Day 1

Green tea for breakfast which was lush because that is what I usually have.

I felt ok up until 1pm – then the hunger hit.
I had a decaf coffee for lunch which helped a little with the hunger pang, but I really don’t like the taste of coffee so probably won’t do that again – I’ll take a walk instead.

I got really irritable in the afternoon which surprised me as I don’t usually get hangry – it probably doesn’t help I am coming off my period, plus have a full work schedule right now so feel as though I am chasing my tail.

I probably could have picked a better time to do this fast – when I don’t have so much on – but that’s the reason I chose this time, so I had lots of crack on with and am able to get distracted with tasks instead of thinking about food.

I got so much done today as saved time preparing, eating and washing up – that’s a bonus!

Was in bed by 6:30pm (lol!) to take my mind off hunger – watched some videos and feel asleep early.

Sleep quality and time was excellent. Deep sleep could have been better (54 minutes) but feel well-rested.

Day 2
Woke up with a headache with surprised me as I am taking the electrolyte water and I didn’t have a headache on day 2 last time – oh well, each time is different I suppose.

I am not as cold as I was last time – perhaps that is something to do with me having more brown fat from the ice baths I’ve been doing?

I’m not doing ice baths while on this fast – I figured the body is going through enough, without plunging it in cold water – plus I read that doing ice baths can decrease growth hormone which is exactly what’s being stimulated during an extended fast. I don’t know how it all works but I’d like to just stay focused on the fast for now, and don’t want to put more stress on my body than necessary.

I have some appointments today, and plenty to be getting on with so hoping that will keep me occupied. My brain feels like cotton wool.

I prepared my refeed programme today – looking at recipes books was killer.

And I helped my mum make lunch (chicken soup) and was surprised I didn’t have massive urges to eat it. I suppose once. Have made up my mind to do the fast, that’s that.

Although as mum ate lunch – I went for a walk to get out of the house.

I really struggled this evening. In bed by 6:30pm again this eve – hilarious!

Day 3
Woke up feeling better than yesterday – 9 hours of sleep but deep sleep wasn’t great.

Getting my hair cut and having a wander around town today so that will take my mind off things.

I am well in truly into ketosis today – I know because my blood glucose and ketone monitor told me. And I have an awful taste in my mouth. How do people on a veto diet tolerate that taste?

It feels great to be into ketosis as I know the hunger pangs and the tiredness will start easing.

I got into ketosis on day 4 last time, so feel happy to have gotten there quicker this time.

A tiny bit of figgy head today – but just so slightly.

Day 4
My sleep last night was terrible!
Struggled a bit this morning, probably because of lack of sleep. I felt so optimistic about things yesterday because of the ketosis – oh well.

Still got that horrible taste in my mouth. I’m a bit paranoid as I am meeting people today.

I hit a wall at 1430. I really looking forward to eating tomorrow!

Laid in bed watching videos on YouTube about fasting.

Day 5
My sleep was poor again last night.
It started great but then was awake at 3 am, then had a really light sleep. I think I would like to take magnesium tablets next time.

I am surprised I feel so groggy this time. Perhaps because I know I am finishing today?

I had a poo today! How mad is that!?

I didn’t poo last time. I am so surprised as I haven’t got any food inside me.

Warning: details! It took ages to come out. It was very stinky and had white lumps in it. I studied because I was fascinated it has happened and I was trying to work out why.

Really bizarre – both that it happened, and that I have written it here. And that you have read it 😉

I am so pumped about eating later and to do my refeed better this time.

(See below for 5-day fast mincing refeed plan)

This felt different from the last one. Perhaps each one would be different?
I didn’t experience so much of a rollercoaster this time around, but then again I didn’t hit that euphoria on day 6 and 7 because I didn’t go that far. 
I was surprised I struggled on day 4 and 5 as I was in ketosis and knew what to expect. Oh well.

Would I do it again?
I like 5 days compared to 7 days because I didn’t lose as much weight.
I’d like to visit a medical fasting clinic next time and work with a doctor to get some got stats and science.

Things to differently:

  • Bodyweight exercise daily – 15-30 minutes (pilates or power yoga would be good)
    • Take advantage of the extra growth hormone I have (potentially build muscle with pilates, power yoga?)
  • Take magnesium at night to help sleep
  • Do it when I do not have a busy work week (at the computer. Busy physically is ok)

Things I would do the same:

  • refeed on fast mimicking diet but find a way to add more fibre so I poop
  • Early nights
  • Bodyweight and exercise and walking
  • Plenty of daylight 

Day 8

My poop like a sheep this morning.
I had so much mental clarity from first thing this morning until 1300.
Had keto fish pie for lunch – delicious! (Was mum’s birthday – she loved it too!)
Better poop after lunch although still a little sheep-like.
Big stomach cramps this afternoon – I think my body is missing fibre from my usual fruits and vegetables.
Got tired fast after 1500 (it’s been a big few days of work though. Also missing fruit and veg)

Day 9

I introduced carbohydrates back into my diet – slow release carbs.
I think it made me feel grumpy for a few days as my body went back to a different fuelling method, but I can’t be entirely sure.
I don’t want to live a ketogenic diet though – high fat, meat and diary doesn’t make me feel great – my digestion doesn’t work as well.

Day 10
Digestion and pooing are back to normal which is a relief! Proper bathroom visits that feel healthy. My gut really appreciates high fibre vegetables and slow carb foods such as oat bran.

I feel grateful to be able to do food experiments to know what suits me.

Day 14
7 days after breaking the fast
I am pleased how my refeed went – I stayed in ketosis for a few days then introduced slow releases carbohydrates on day 9.

I don’t want to go as ‘keto’ on the refeed next time – the keto fish pie really made my stomach hurt (cramping). It was probably a bit soon to do make that recipe after finishing the fast but I wanted to celebrate my mum’s birthday and show her my appreciation for her support. 

The timing for finishing the fast and her birthday was a bit off – my bad.

Day 15
After 17 hours of fasting (usually do 18:6 intermittent fasting) it’s nice to see trace (0.6mmol/l) of ketones in my body. Despite eating a wholefood, varied diet (with carbs – oats) I can still get into a mild ketosis with my intermittent fasting plan. This gives me faith I am doing what suits me.

I would like to do a 5 day fast once a year.

The 5 day fast wasn’t quite as gruelling as the 7 day fast and it felt more manageable to fit it into my everyday life.

I didn’t get the same euphoric feeling, and my skin didn’t clear up as much, but I don’t like going to 56kg, it’s too low for me. I’m not sure if there are repercussions of dropping that weight so fast, and then it returning again after. I don’t mind that it returns as I do not want to be 56kg, and do not fast for weight loss, instead for cell repair and rejuvenation.


5 Day Fast Mimicking Refeed Plan

Day 5 – FRIDAY
– Bone broth (had arrive, had mushroom sup instead)
– Cucumber crudites

– hybrid latte

– eggs and esparagus

– mushroom soup
– crudites

– Cauliflower pizza
– Berry parfait

Day 7 – SUNDAY
– Hybrid latte
– Olives

– egg (pepper and spinach muffins)

– salmon and veg (quinoa for mum?)

– Tofu, artichoke and walnut salad
– Yoghurt berries and dark choc

– hybrid latte

– trout with lentils and tomatoes

– Sardine salad

– hybrid latte

– primordial veg soup

– Primordial veg soup

– hybrid latte

– chestnut and butter bean soup

– mackerel salad

– Hybrid latte

– back to normal