YouTube Full-time – 3 month update

I quit my job 3 months ago to do YouTube full-time.

In this video I talk about:
– what I’ve done in the last 3 months
– my channel growth
– what I’ve learned
– my earnings
– my plan for the next 3 months

Here are some brief journal entires related to this video.

2 weeks after quitting my job

I have made the right decision, in the last 2 weeks I have secured two lots of work – one for some video work for a shoe company, and another for a talk promoting getting out in the fresh air.
Each piece of work totals the same amount I would get from one months of my previous work.

I have to hustle to get this new work, but it’s worth it. And it really aligns with what I want to do.

I’ve also had more time to create videos. I’ve completed 4 videos in 2 weeks, which is more than I have done before, plus I was creating at a sustainable pace and not grinding it out like I usually am.

I also have a friend wanting a promo video for his adventure company. This is not something I had thought about doing, but it gives me more experience in editing videos, it promotes adventure and it pays – which is always a bonus.

4.5 weeks after
I have definitely made the right decision. I have more offers for work in video, plus have spent most of my days creating videos with success. It’s taking me one week to produce one video at the moment.

I’ve had a headache for 5 days now. I think it’s because I am doing things outside of what I am used to. I am so tired by the mid-afternoon but keep on working until 5pm.

My mum is worried about me and thinks I am getting ill. I just feel as though this whole decision has been a bit of a shock to my 38 year old system. I’m learning lots in one go – online videography course and a Matt D’Avella YouTube course. It’s a lot of new information to fit in my brain.

Videos are becoming easier though and I am getting work which is great.

I have had some no’s and lots of non-responses to pitch emails but I’ll keep on going.

6 weeks after
It’s taken 6 weeks to stop work with one of my clients. I told them I was going to stop but handing over took longer than expected. It’s weird. I thought I would feel nervous but I feel so ready.

Even having made the decision there is so much more headspace. I am working on videos most days but really look forward to devoting the majority of my time to them now.

There are moments where I wonder where money is going to come from but I have saved and do not need to be concerned about that now.
I really enjoy what I am doing.