Perusing the aisles of Savers, I’m fondling skin creams, smelling shower gels and wondering how I can integrate this pretty little cosmetic bag decorated with strawberries and coconuts into my life…..

I’m clearly still a Minimalist in Training.

My intention for the shopping trip was to purchase a basic toiletry bag as my current one is too big. This probably is not a great excuse to buy a new one, but lke I say, I’m still in training.

The overflowing shelves have sucked me in. They’re fit to burst with products that claim they’ll transform my skin and health.  I’ve wasted time looking at these products and if I’d continued, I would have wasted money on these things I didn’t need as well.

I’ve slipped back into old habits. Like any addiction, I wonder if the shopaholic tendencies will always linger? As soon as I think I’ve mastered this minimalist way of life, temptation creeps back in.

I know this is only a shopping trip for a toiletry bag, but it’s turned into more than that. The clever marketing, eye-catching packaging and desire to own more is clearly still dictating my behaviour. And as I look around, it’s obvious it affects other shoppers as well – all of them transfixed on small pots and tubes of promises.

I’ve been clearing my clutter for 3 years since 2012, and now own approximately 20% of what I did.

After 15 minutes of wasted time, and realising I do not need anything else in my toiletry collection, the minimalist in me takes control. After all, if I buy more stuff, it will not fit in my new, improved, small toiletry bag! ; )

Becoming a minimalist, from former shopaholic and mild-hoarder, is a challenging task, and there may always be a weakness.  The truth is since clearing 80% of everything I own, I am happier, more fulfilled and experience a sense of freedom with each item I clear.

I’m pleased I recognised that I was slipping back into my old ways, and even that gives me hope that I’m breaking the habit of shopping for more stuff.

I wonder for a moment why I get the urge to buy more stuff. My skin has never been better since minimising my skincare and just using soap.
Instead, I get out of the shop, new toiletry bag in hand.