Sugar Free Baked Lemon Cheesecake

Is this the best possible cheesecake known to man?I THINK SO! I’m a sucker for a sugar free, high-fat sweet treat.This is truly divine, so easy to make and is PACKED full of fat based calories – perfect for anyone living a high fat, low-sugar or high energy lifestyle. RECIPEBase1 cup ground almonds1 cup pecan nuts60g butter20g xylitol (found in most large supermarkets near the … Continue reading Sugar Free Baked Lemon Cheesecake

30 Day Sugar Free Challenge

04/02/17Each month, I plan on doing a ‘challenge’ to assist me in becoming a healthier and more productive human. February’s challenge is to eliminate┬ásugar from my diet. For many years I was very strict with my eating plan, only eating sugar and sweet things once per week on a ‘cheat day’, but recently I found myself on the┬ásugar train (choo choo) far too frequently. I’d … Continue reading 30 Day Sugar Free Challenge