Fourth Teammate Confirmed

Tuesday 11th August 2015

After weeks of excited Facebook messages in a group called ‘The Atlantic Massive’, Matt and I are in front of his laptop waiting for Karl and Ben’s Skype call.

We hadn’t had a chance to all meet up and chat but I’m hoping that Matt’s humour and intelligence has been portrayed through our chats in Facebook.

I’ve spent weeks selling Matt to Ben and Karl convincing them he is the right person to join us. What kind of person says yes to someone who they’ve known for a mere 3 days on the offer of rowing The Atlantic? There’s a lot that hangs on this call……

After many attempts and a major technology failure, Matt and I end up huddled round his landline phone with the guys on loudspeaker. They are in the car travelling back from a Spartan Race. It feels like we are in the 1940’s!

All I want to know is if we have found our 4th member.

It doesn’t take Karl long to explain that he has chatted to Ben and that they both agree, we are the correct people to join them in their adventure. My eyes fill with water.

I always knew they would go for Matt. Matt was unsure, and as I looked at him, he looked relieved, excited and nervous all at once.

This was it. We had found our team!! These 3 men are going to likely know me better than anyone has ever known me before. Hold on to your hats guys, this is going to be an exciting ride!

Matt and I celebrate with a glass of prosseco in the garden and talk about the future.