Van Log 015

It’s the weekend at last!!! And that means no rowing, no weight lifting, active recovery and lots of food!!!!! We are very happy!

Waking up on the edge of a woody park on a fresh Saturday morning was delicious. Then along came Mark Tekkers and Rob from Muddy Race, bearing a pair of nail clippers – the beginning of a great day. (We forgot to pack nail clippers in #vanlife). You know it’s a simple life when I am happy about that.

MT and I have missed running since training for the row so looking forward to a muddy 5km trail parkrun.

Halfway round, I wondered what aspect of running I had missed? My lungs were exploding and my legs felt like lead. However, it felt great to be running with MT again, it’s one of my favourite things to do AND I placed second female (ha! there was no club runners there).

Gemma Bloomfield, there was a massive downhill section, thanks to you, I pretended I was you, threw myself down and blasted past loads of people. I reckon it’s the extra 5kg I’m holding, it’s good momentum.

With only 2 days left of #vanlife, we got super muddy and it felt great!
Next adventure: Bouldering with Haemish Graham and his delicious girlfriend Eva at Big Rock, that’s after a MASSIVE fry-up!!!!!

There’s just so much that happened today, I think I might have to opt for bullet point form:
– 2 hours bouldering

– 2 hours of acroyoga with Haemish and Eva (notice how I said active recovery above- 5 hours of exercise later…… 😓)
– Drive to Wolverhampton and have the best fish and chips I’ve ever eaten! They flick batter on the chips to make them really crispy! Did you know that???!!!???!!! I’m moving to Wolverhampton.
– Now we’re at Tough Guy The Original, in Mr Mouse’s house having a party!
There’s so many people, so much going on, food, live music, crazy people, Mr Mouse wandering around in his pyjama bottoms and a pair of crocodile slippers. I keep looking at Mat and asking him if this is really happening.
– Mr Mouse plays the banjo, plucking a single note, whilst reciting a song/poem/something. The room is so quiet, you could hear a pin drop.
– We fall asleep in the van after a surreal evening, listening to the sound of the Ghost Squad chanting and banging drums and the Tough Guy flags flapping in the wind.

I’m not sure what tomorrow holds but if it’s anything like today, we are in for a treat!