My 100km Week

After doing my 30k fundraiser on a rowing machine last Sunday at the Bear Grylls Survival Race, I set myself a challenge of rowing 100km in 1 week.

I felt relatively fresh on the Monday, as I’d eaten well and got lots of rest, so bashed out a 10k ‘recovery’ erg after work.  That’s when I had my light bulb moment: “I can do 100km in a week!”

The following Saturday morning, I completed the challenge.

Fitting in 10k stints around work, training and my campaign, rowing at 6am in the morning and once until 10:30pm at night was tough!  

It was during the last 10k I achieved a personal best!  Much to my surprise after a hectic week of training, working, not eating enough and feeling tired.  But I went into the shed, determined to get a PB and with a game plan. I would row 500m relaxed(ish) then 500m on, giving it all I had.  And I did it!  I achieved 46:21.0 which was 23 seconds off my previous time.  It all got too much and I burst into tears. I’m quite the drama queen ; )

I’m so happy!  The time on the rowing machine is quite clearing paying off.

The next challenge? To row 100km in 1 day.

Here’s what my week looked like: