Rowing Around Great Britain

In June 2017, I set off to row 1,800 miles around Great Britain, a challenge which took 56 days.

The challenge is said to be tougher than rowing across the Atlantic ocean because of the unpredictable British weather, strong currents and rocky coastline.

Here is the route the team and I took.

As well as not having any ocean rowing experience, I was faced with doing the challenge with 3 people I barely knew.

Rowing 6-12 hours a day was tough but living on an 8.6m x 1.5m boat in testing conditions was a HUGE social experiment.
Despite the crew coming from all walks of life, both genders and of all ages, we got on like a house on fire and it was the best experience of my life.
I loved it so much, it convinced me to row across the Atlantic.

Watch the daily video diaries here.


All the pictures from the adventure can be found in my Facebook page album here.

Thank you to Emoov for supporting my challenge.