CBD Oil Journal: Week 4

I’ve been taking CBD oil for 4 weeks.

Over the last few years (in fact more specifically, the last 12 years during the time I owned by beauty salon) I’ve used my brain a lot and felt as though I had done some damage. If you think I’m joking when I say that, I’m being serious!

It was like a trauma. I took my thinking, mental capacity and work levels so high once, I had a breakdown. A real-life breakdown. (Perhaps I’ll tell you about that another time…)
Since then, if I push too hard, overworking or overthinking, my brain recognises the signs and automatically shuts down to protect me.
Clever brain! But it does mean sometimes I can’t cope with much.

I suppose I’m thankful for this but at the same time, it can be frustrating as sometimes I can’t do what I want to do.
But I’d prefer that than another breakdown.

When I increase my thinking, creative time and workload, I can become forgetful. I’d have to make lists for lists for lists, knowing I’d always forget something.

Reasons I began taking CBD oil:

  • Help heal a damaged nerve in my knee since my Atlantic row
  • Decrease brain fog, increase clarity and organise my thoughts
  • Relax my mind, decreasing anxiety and bouts of depression

Since taking CBD oil I’ve noticed I have more mental clarity. It’s an odd feeling that’s hard to describe.

It’s happened slowly but I’m finding I’m remembering more.
For example, in the past, if going away for the weekend, I’d have to write a list of all the things I needed. Even though I’d have a list, I’d still forget something. I had major brain fog.

This past few weeks, I can remember more without trying to remember, and without lists! I hope that makes sense?

I often imagine my brain like a muscle, contracting when I think and relaxing when I don’t. 

In the past, it’s felt like I’ve done a million ‘brain bicep curls’, contracting so hard and so frequently that when it finally relaxes, it’s exhausted. Not a good way to be!

Recently, my brain has felt relaxed. Full and healthy!

There’s more space for thoughts up there. I don’t feel the pressure of things to do – the exploding feeling in my brain that I need to do everything and that I need to do it now.
I am more relaxed.

As for the knee pain, that’s feeling slightly better but at the moment I do not think it’s related to the oil. It’s been getting progressively better VERY SLOWLY over the past few weeks. If it gets significantly better over the next few weeks I’m sure to report back in.

7 months after writing this post, I have written a full blog outlining all the benefits I have experienced from CBD oil. It will be live soon.

If you are keen to try CBD oil, I use The Tonic Tribe 8% oil.

Are you taking CBD oil? If so, what effects have you experienced?
If you do not use it, are you keen to try it but feel hesitant?
I’d love to hear from you!
Head over the Twitter and tell me your thoughts : )