Digital Obesity

What if digital media was like food.
How much to do you consume?
How ‘fat’ would you be?

Sometimes I ‘surf’ the internet to educate myself.
Other times I do it to get inspired.
Then there are the times I convince myself I’m doing it to relax. (BS!)

I enjoy watching YouTube videos and reading blogs of the people I aspire to be like.
But often I end up in a digital hole consuming completely irrelevant content!

I consume a lot. And I got ‘fat!’
As a result of being ‘fat’, I feel sluggish, lethargic, demotivated, even envious of the people I watch.

Then I realise …. I’m digitally obese!

Calories in. Calories out. It’s a simple method.
Consume enough to keep the body maintained. But don’t consume too much!
Consume healthily and consciously to keep the body and mind in good shape.

And if we don’t do that we get fat. And unwell.

I am considering a digital diet as I’m starting to feel a little peculiar from all this blue light and mental stimulation.