FIT 4 OCR Review

This week I headed to Fit 4 OCR, an obstacle training ground in Bedfordshire, to join in with one of their training sessions.

There’s a lot of opportunities to train for obstacle racing throughout the UK, so I was interested to see what they had to offer.

Fit 4 OCR sits slap bang next to the A1 in Radwell, 24 miles north of the M25, meaning it’s a doddle to get too.

Gill, a satellite communications consultant, set up the training ground in June 2015 when she was training with her PT, had just started obstacle racing and was struggling with running. She wanted somewhere to train but there wasn’t anything local so she set up Fit 4 OCR.

The course is 2km with 23 obstacles, with more to come.
Obstacles include an inverted wall, tall cargo net A-frame, 4 and 8-foot wall, monkey bars rig with rope climb (hang tough coming soon), muddy trenches, carries, crawls, jumps and plenty more. I was really impressed with the variety of obstacles.

Fit 4 OCR offers training sessions for £10.00 on:

Tuesday 16:00 Children’s Training (stops in September due to dark evenings)
Tuesday 18:30 Adults Training (stops in September due to dark evenings)
Saturday 09:00 Adults Training – good for beginners covering obstacle techniques
Sunday 10:30 Adults Endure Training
The grounds have 4 principle trainers including Marc Trussell (in the picture above), a Spartan SGX Coach, who was our trainer for the night.

The session was great involving lots of bodyweight exercise, obstacle technique and a team challenge to finish. The 16 participants were split into teams of 4 and carried an 18 foot plank of wood around the course completing all the obstacles!

Most weekends Gill hosts events for corporate companies, local sports teams, children parties, hen and stag parties and team building days.

I can see why she is so busy there. The obstacles are strong and sturdy and Gill and the team have an incredible amount of passion for what they are doing.

And here’s a gallery of the obstacles: