The Geri Halliwell Effect

In an interview ages ago Geri Halliwell spoke about what it was like when she performed on stage with The Spice Girls.

She explained she’d have thousands of people screaming and cheering at them from the audience, adoring their music.

Then she’d notice one person being negative towards her and that would stick in her mind.

I just watched Celebrity SAS: Who Dares Wins, (I LOVE that programme!) with ballroom dancer Brendan Cole.

He said something similar:

“I think for most people if you get one negative comment out of one hundred nice ones, you will think about the negative one rather than the positive ones.”

I find it fascinating how the human brain works, whether that be a ‘normal’ brain or a ‘famous’ brain.

We can have lots of positives in our lives, yet when the not-so-good stuff creeps in, we gravitate towards that.

Let’s put Brendan Cole’s words into perspective with this magnificent pie chart:

The green is all the good stuff – all of Geri Halliwell’s and Brendan Cole’s adoring fans – but there’s a slither of red which can pull our attention away from the green.

When something doesn’t quite go as we hoped, there are likely many brilliant things around it – just like that massive green chunk that surrounds the minuscule piece of red.

Embrace and focus on the green.