I Need …. versus I Want …

How often do we hear:
“I need to lose weight.”
“I need to do more exercise.”
“I need to eat better.”
“I need X…”
“I need Y…”

The basic things the human body needs to stay alive is oxygen, warmth, food, water and sleep.
Anything else on top of those could be considered a bonus.

Next time you hear yourself saying ‘I need to …..’ try replacing it with ‘I want to…..’
Wanting to do something is far more appealing than needing to do it. It helps increase motivation.
Wanting to do something removes the pressure.
And what a privilege we have to say ‘I want’ and having that option in our life!

One of my favourite ‘I need to’ sentences is ‘I need to write more blogs and make more videos.’ I say it all the time!

So, I write this blog as advice to myself.

‘I want to write more blogs and make more videos.’

What is it you want to do?