Improving Through Understanding: Speaker at P(our) Symposium

In June 2019 I visited P(our) Symposium to give a talk about my journey from shopaholic beauty salon owner to minimalist ocean rower.

The subject for the day was Understanding.

I integrated part of the story from my Atlantic rowing challenge where the team and I faced challenges mid-ocean and how we overcome them.

I hope you enjoy this video.
(This was one of the biggest talks I had done at this stage – I was very nervous. Watch where I forget my words 😉)

If you want to succeed as a team, you sometimes have to put your differences aside, and focus on uniting behind a common goal. What makes a team great, is the ability to use each persons strength as an asset – not a threat.

Thank you very much to the guys at P(our) for having me.
The day was spectacular!
And what an honour to get a sneak peek into a world I would never usually see.