The Real LT

Starting this blog has been tricky for me.  I wanted a place to document my thoughts and interesting articles I stumble across, but then it started turning into something different.

I fell into a trap of trying to be something I’m not.  I’d write a post then spend the next 2 days pulling it apart, criticising myself and putting myself down.  “I’m not funny enough”, ‘I’m not witty enough”, “what will this person think?”, “I wish I was more articulate”.

And then I remember, I started this blog for me. It would be a bonus if others decide to read it.

This website went live well over 4 months ago (October 2015), yet I’ve still not announced it to the big wide world. This surprises me as I’m on pretty much every social media platform going and not shy about using them.

I do not consider myself a great writer, I type too quick, I miss out words and make loads of mistakes. My brain works quicker than my fingers.  Given my eccentric personality, I think people expect my writing to be funny, but it’s not. I realise I was writing in an attempt to make people laugh. All in all, my writing ended up being pants.

On that note, I best continue with my many unfinished posts and do as I set out in the beginning – create a journal for  me, with the benefit that others may like my simple and slightly unintelligible (hahaha, I googled that) thoughts.