Tough Girl Podcast Extra: Atlantic ​Row

Check out the Tough Girl podcast where host, Sarah Williams, delves in deep and asks all the questions about my Atlantic rowing challenge. If you can’t see the link above, click here to listen. Sarah doesn’t hold back and rewinds to the time when I owned a beauty salon. Then she comes all the way to mid-Atlantic and finds out what it was like to … Continue reading Tough Girl Podcast Extra: Atlantic ​Row

Tough Girl Podcast Part 3

Welcome to part 3 of the 7 Woman 7 Challenges Tough Girl Podcast. I feature at 2:47.30 Minutes before this interview, I was busy having a battle with myself….. “Shall I pretend everything is ok and be positive?” or “shall I tell the truth and say I’m having a hard time with fundraising?” After an extremely full day (video diary below) it seemed the latter happened. I’ve … Continue reading Tough Girl Podcast Part 3

Phoenix FM Interview before the Great British Row

28/03/17The guys from Phoenix FM were celebrating their 10th birthday and hosting the show on the road, which was fascinating to see. A few bits of technology whizzed their voices and music across to 40,000 people in Essex. Incredible! I’d have imagined several vans parked outside with massive satellites attached to the roof but no, apparently all they needed was decent wifi. Check out my interview here: Continue reading Phoenix FM Interview before the Great British Row

Radio Interview with BBC Essex

21/03/17That was exciting!  I just got interviewed on The Ronnie Barbour Show on BBC Essex Radio. After getting to grips with doing interviews on the Tough Girl podcast, I didn’t feel as nervous as I usually do and arrived all prepared with cue cards in case I got tongue tied. It turns out Ronnie didn’t even ask much about my rowing challenge. He had been delving into … Continue reading Radio Interview with BBC Essex

Digging For Gold

17/02/17Today is a challenging day. It’s my day off from work but there’s no rest for the wicked.I’m sitting at the dining room table and committing my whole weekend to raising the funds for my Great British Rowing Challenge. (£21,000!) I knew it would be tough, but I didn’t think it would be this tough. It is relentless!  I’d imagine this is the stage where most people throw … Continue reading Digging For Gold

Training Day at Concept 2 HQ

09/09/2015 The alarm goes off at 6.15am, although I’m already awake because I’m excited.Today is the day that 3 Men & A Little Lady visit the Concept 2 Head Quarters to purchase our refurbished rowers and get rowing tips and techniques from one of the main guys, Alex. I’d watched a few Concept 2 YouTube videos and started applying them to my workouts at my … Continue reading Training Day at Concept 2 HQ