Van Log 013


Victor, Alpha, November, Lemur, Oscar, Golf….. Oh, sorry, I’m just practicing my phonetic alphabet.

STOP EVERYTHING!! Turn your TV off! Call the press! We have had 3 showers in 24 hours!!!!!! This is unheard of!

First of all, thank you for our well done messages for us passing the Day Skippers course. It all seems so surreal. I had no idea about any of these skills 8 days ago and now I’m a qualified day skipper. Ha! I wouldn’t trust me if I was you ⛵️

We are still at Sea School for 2 more days doing our GMDSS Radio License course. I’m pleased to say it’s a lot easier than the previous one. We played on a radio all day sending MAYDAY MAYDAY MAYDAY distress signals. It sounds exciting but strangely tense and unnerving, even during the practice. It’s a real radio and it’s a real red button! Sliding the cover to one side to reveal the ominous big red button is something I hope I never need to do for real.

Another mammoth beasting session at the Marines gym of ‘The Bear’- eeerrgghhh, so good and so horrible in one. My shoulders feel like they are disintegrating.

Then off to a vegetarian/vegan restaurant called Samphire Brassiere, (I’m literally in heaven) in search of satisfying our eternal hunger; the biggest plate of chilli, guacamole, salsa, fried chick peas, flat bread and chilli chips. We definitely over ordered! But still manage to order vegan Snickers cheesecake AND vegan chocolate brownie with vegan icecream. Ridiculous!

Our bellies are SOOOO FULL!!!! MT said he’s more full than on Christmas Day! I’m being careful not to throw up. That insatiable hunger I was experiencing couldn’t be any further away right now!!

Now we’re lying in bed burping, in quite a lot of discomfort. There’s some heavy breathing going on to the left of me. I hope he’s going to be ok ha!

Possibly another freezing night in the van. It’s not as cold as I imagined sleeping in here, but I still need to snuggle in a sleeping bag, covered in another one, with a DryRobe and a hat, snuggled next to MT the caterpillar. He puts his feet in a shopping bag to keep them warm. That makes me laugh.

Good night X (burp)

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