Van Log 012 

Today has been a good day!!!!!

So many great things happened:
– We passed our Day Skippers course. I got full marks on my second practical paper.

– We stayed on top of our nutrition with numerous ration packs.

– I found my Concept 2 Log Card. It was handed into the PTI (gym instructor)!

– I got a new deadlift PB – 92.5kg. Roll on 100kg in the next few weeks.

– A cheese and pickle buffet in the back of the van.

– And clean, fresh laundered clothes. Yes, a trip to the laundrette was a highlight of my day.

And now I’m sitting in a restaurant with Mat and his marine buddies, drinking Passionfruit Prosecco, wearing my skull and crossbones shirt (thinking I’m a pirate), listening to the boys seriously discuss the Moon Cup options on board the boat. So funny!

And you know the best thing of all? You get to meet Fred. Don’t be grossed out, he’s been covered in gaffa tape for 2 days so my bum is covered in glue. In case you haven’t read previous Van Logs, I’m suffocating him. Though it seems Fred does not like being covered up. He is rebelling, he’s never looked this angry. The siege continues….. I WILL win!

Maybe more good things will happen tonight, but for now, good night, God bless and don’t let the Fred bugs bite.
I hope you had as good a day as me ❤️💛💚💙💜

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