It Finally Happened!


After my last post, I figured it was only fair to deliver you a slightly more upbeat running commentary of my fundraising antics.

Yesterday I secured a major sponsor!

I am delighted to announce that eMoov will be the Lead Sponsor for my 1,800 mile rowing challenge around Great Britain!

Video with eMoov

It hasn’t really sunk it yet.
Have you ever wanted and worked for something so much, when it finally happened it’s almost too much to take in?
That was me yesterday.
I came home, sat on the floor, celebrated with half a bottle of cider, couldn’t finish the rest as I was too knackered, had a tummy ache from excitement, then just laid in bed and thought “what do I do next?”

The last 12 months of my life has been spent seeking sponsorship for this enormous challenge.  It was beginning to get to the point where I may not be able to take part and nearly got kicked off the team.  The pressure was unbearable at times and some weeks it quite literally floored me. But I did it. I got a Lead Sponsor!

Getting eMoov on board means so much more to me than just the money. I know you probably think I’m just saying that but it’s true. To have their name and logo on my kit and on the boat will make me so proud. I am now part of something bigger and they are so encouraging and supportive already.

While I was fundraising, I had many people ask me why a company would be willing to part with their hard-earned cash. Was it purely just for a logo on the boat and a feel-good feeling?  Of course not. Any intelligent business man or women would want a decent return on their investment, especially the amount I was asking for.

For all those wondering, here’s a little bit of how it works…..

In return for financial sponsorship, I am able to put the eMoov logo on my boat, kit, social media pictures, videos and video diaries. During interviews, TV appearances, radio interviews, podcasts and guest speaking, eMoov will be the sponsor name I represent throughout the challenge.

It’s an opportunity for their brand to be seen by thousands of people. Effectively it’s publicity and advertising done in a cool, unique and quirky way.  It beats standard print and Facebook advertising any day.

Photohoot with eMoov

So yes, they will get a warm fuzzy feeling knowing that they are also helping me raise money for Centrepoint (the UK’s leading homeless charity for young people) as well as doing something incredible for their company too. Lots of birds with only one stone.  That makes me the stone, right?

Thank you for reading and supporting my challenge.

Despite securing this incredible opportunity with eMoov, I am still needing to raise the remaining £5,000 to purchase all the necessary safety equipment for the trip. Please visit my GoFundMe page to make a donation. Any amount really does help. Thank you so much!!! xxxx