You’d Feel The Same

Several years ago, I lived in a dingy flat by myself, paralysed by loneliness.
I’d scrape together the money I needed each month to feed myself.
I wished things would be different; I wished that my career would take off, that I had more financial stability and better equipment for my job.
I wished to live in a bustling city with lots of activities.
I wished to live in a house with people who shared my passions.

I remember that feeling well.

Fast forward to this present moment – I live in London, in a great house with vibrant people who share similar interests.
The loneliness has finally faded away.
My career is everything I wanted it to be.
I am relaxed about money because I have enough.

Except, I still have that feeling.
But why?! I have everything I wished for!

I want my own house.
I want a boyfriend.
I’d be great to have someone to help me make my videos.
If only the kitchen was a little bit bigger…..

If I got all of those things, I’d probably still have that feeling, because that feeling is a habit.

A shift in mindset is required, not a change in circumstances.

It’s easy to convince ourselves that if things were different, we’d be different.

The grass is greenest where it’s watered.
It’s about doing, and appreciating, and nurturing what we have rather than looking over the fence and yearning for someone else’s life.

I’m re-listening to this a lot recently – something I heard many years ago! It’s an extract from a radio show that I will be grateful for forevermore. This played a huge part in the reshaping my life from shopaholic beauty salon owner to where I am now.