Capital Ring Walk – 78 Mile Adventure around London

After being in lockdown for 4 months, I was itching to get out on an adventure.
I didn’t want to travel far so researched the walking trails that were close to my house.
I found the Capital Ring Walk less than 2 miles from where I live, so packed my bag and headed off on a 4-day adventure.

The trail passed through over 40 green spaces, showing off London’s parks, woodlands, lakes and nature reserves.
Join me for the adventure through this video.

This adventure was sponsored by Komoot, a route and navigation app for cyclists, hikers and runners.
I planned the entire 4-day hike through the app.

Click here to view and download the full route.

I really recommend this adventure, it was fantastic being in the city yet surrounded by greenery, plus it was so easy to get too and put money back into the local economy.

Thank you to Komoot for supporting this adventure, promoting local exploration and beauty on our doorstep!

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If you’re inspired to do a local adventure of try the Capital Ring Walk, come and find me on social media and let me know!