My First Paid Video Job

I just got asked to do my first proper paid video job!

I’ve been making videos since 2016.
I started after being advised to do it by two marketing companies whilst fundraising for my Row Around Great Britain challenge.

Reluctantly, I picked up my phone and did a very awkward Facebook live, then made a video diary every day for almost a year.
Each video got about 100 views a day and they did help my fundraising.
Making them also built my confidence in front of the camera and taught me how to edit basic videos.

Every since 2016 I’ve wanted to make videos; vlogs, product reviews, challenge and adventure videos, but never truly found the confidence. As a result, I used excuses such as “I haven’t got enough time,” “I don’t have the right camera equipment,” “People will think I’m a wally,” – you know, all the bullshit excuses we feed ourselves – and slowly my ambition and vision faded.

Then during the lockdown of COVID19 (April 2020), I had time to sit and think, and something within me set alight!
During that time I read The Artists Way, a 12 week course to unleash creativity which I think really helped.
As part of this course, I had to write a letter to myself from the 80-year-old Laura Try. It was terrifying and emotional – I ended up in tears – and an incredibly powerful experience! That letter made my 38-year-old self realise I have to get on with stuff!

For the last 5 years I have been making short videos – just for myself and I post them on social media. I never really knew the purpose of me making them but I felt drawn to it.

For the last 9 months I have really concentrated my efforts into making more videos and improving the quality and production level.

On my whiteboard I have the following statement written: “Get paid to make my own videos.”

Yesterday I received an email from an event company asking if I would make them a promotional video. They asked me because of a vlog-style video that sits on YouTube which I made 2 years ago. They liked that video and want me to make something similar. I’d have total creative freedom to make it, plus I’d get paid for it!

Don’t you just love it when a plan comes together.

I’m writing this here as a reminder to think about the journey, continue creating, trust the process and recognise the wins.