Gram Flour Flatbreads

I feel like I’m cheating by calling this a recipe. With only 2 main ingredients can really be classified as one?

These flatbreads are high in protein and gluten-free. Winner!

Gram flour is made from ground chickpeas. In fact, the one I have at the moment is ground chickpeas and yellow split lentils and cost about £2 for a 1kg bag from Tesco.

I’m a little addicted to making these as they’re so easy, really cheap, tasty and the nutritional stats add up nicely after a workout.

Nutritional stats per flatbread (10g ish):
Carbs 5.7g
Protein 2.2g
Those are great ratios!

What You Need:
Measuring Jug or small bowl
Frying Pan

Gram Flour
Butter (for frying – margarine, coconut oil or anything else just doesn’t cut it)
Black Pepper
Tumeric (optional)
Cumin (optional)

There are no ingredient weights/measurements because I just guess.

1. Chuck some flour in a jug or bowl.
2. Add a little cold water and whisk with a fork mixing away any lumps.
3. Gradually add more water. The final consistency should be quite thin so it is easy to pour, making the bread thin and crispy.
4. Mix in the seasoning of your choice. I like a pinch turmeric and cumin for their health benefits.
5. Melt a knob of butter in a frying pan and pour just enough mixture to cover the base of the pan.
6. When the edges of the bread turn brown, flip.
7. Serve on a plate.
8. Eat it.

I keep a batch of the mixture in the fridge with a fork in ready to whisk and cook.
Just give it a mix before you cook it as the flour will settle.

Excuse the not-so-glamourous pictures but I like to take them as it happens in my house.

Serving Suggestions:

  1. The breads are great served with scrambled eggs, wilted spinach and avocado on top
  2. Eaten as a side with curry or chilli
  3. Or my favourite way – hot out the pan, smothered with loads of butter, add extra salt, fold it up and just eat it!  Delicious.

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