The Comfort Zone Law

I just drew this for a friend:

A short while back, I was stuck and almost got sucked into that centre circle. I was even being encouraged by others to get in there and stay but something didn’t feel right.

I drew this because my friend is feeling frustrated with their life and I was attempting to demonstrate that pushing outside their comfort zone would help them achieve the things they want.

Now don’t get me wrong, I am far from being the wise owl. In fact, just a few months back I was homeless and struggling to scrape enough money together to eat.  But this picture isn’t demonstrating wealth, money and shiny sparky things. It’s demonstrating how stretching your boundaries can provide opportunity and fulfilment.

Over the last few weeks I have worked really hard on pushing outside my comfort zone; contacting companies and businesses, networking, working free of charge, working into the early hours of the morning, phone calls and emails etc.  This isn’t just in association with my rowing challenges but also my career and personal life.
Even starting my video diaries was a push out into the next circle. You know that feeling of cringe when you watch yourself on video? Yep, that was me.  But after 50 days of doing them, it became a habit and easier.

As my picture above demonstrates, the cheese represents happiness and contentment, and the stars are opportunity.  The more you push the boundaries, the greater the rewards.  But pushing the boundaries will more than likely induce the feelings of fear and at times involve risk.  Sometimes it won’t pay off, but the majority of the time it will.
nce you move into the outer circles, there is a very slim chance you will ever return.

Recently, my life has gone from strength to strength, and I’m receiving good news and opportunity on a daily basis.  It could be argued this is because I am planning to row across an ocean, but that just proves my drawing.
Whether I admit it or not, I am shit scared of what it all entails; the fundraising, the journey to the start line and the challenge itself, but that for me is living on the outermost circle, and with that comes great opportunity.

My final words are:
Go and get your dreams.
Follow your passions.
Feed your soul for what you were designed to do.
Sometimes it’s tough getting there but it will be worth it.

What circle do you want to be in?