The Laptop Story

I just spent £2,400 on a new laptop.
I upgraded the processing speed and memory so I could make better videos and was super excited about getting it.

2 weeks after buying it all I see is the spinning wheel of doom!

After spending 6 hours on the phone to technical support and then see the spinning wheel of doom again, I have a thought that becomes crystal clear in my mind – I’m going to smash the laptop in the garden onto the concrete so I don’t have the deal with it or the frustration anymore.

My blood was boiling.
The skin on my scalp was so tight with anger and I could feel tears in my eyes.

I wanted to scream from the depths of the stomach to release the anger, but with no-one else in the house to react to the horrific noise, I realised I was only doing it for attention.

As a teenager my temper was terrible. Unacceptable in fact.
I’m not sure where I got it from but fortunately, I have trained myself to be more patient and tolerable as I’ve grown up.

But sometimes, that teenage anger resurfaces.

If I had been 10 years younger, I’m embarrassed to say my brand new laptop would have been in pieces in the garden.

I’ve finished writing this blog 5 months after writing about the horrible wheel of doom.
The laptop now works as it should after many hours on the phone to the support line (approximately 20 hours!)
This is a reminder that it’s important to stay calm, and know that each bad situation will always pass.