My Morning Routine – 6 Steps to a Successful Day

I’ve had a morning routine since November 2016, since reading Tools of Titans by Tim Ferriss (page 143 if you’re keen to read).

I was going through a lumpy patch in my life and needed some routine, structure and discipline to help get me on track, so started with a some basic tasks each morning.

Within a few months, I was pleasantly surprised with how they had had a positive impact on my life – I was getting more done, being productive and feeling better in my body and mind.

Three and a half years on, I cannot imagine my mornings without this wonderful routine.

I like to get up early and start my day before most of the world wakes up.

I currently get up at 6am – it used to be 5am but since living with others 5am is a little anti-social.

It’s important for me to get up before anyone else because it is quiet and I do not get distracted.

  1. Turbo Tea
    5 minutes
    This powerful blend of green tea, black tea, turmeric and fresh ginger is a perfect wake up call.
    It’s packed full of health benefits and I love the taste.
    I only ever drink it in the mornings so associate it with waking up and feeling good.
    It gets me fired up and focused for the day.

    Click here to read more about Turbo Tea.

2. 5 Minute Journal
5 – 10 minutes
I sit with my mug of Turbo Tea in my comfy chair and write in my journal.
Click here to read about journaling.

If I only did one thing from this list it would be to journal. It is so powerful and I’d go as far to say it is a life changing practice. It sets the mind up in a positive state, ready to tackle the day ahead.

3. Measure resting heart rate
1 minute
After my journal, I measure my resting heart rate.
This gives me a good indication of what condition my body is in and how hard I can train that day.

I write my heart rate in my journal next to the date.

Click here to read why it’s good to measure your resting heart rate each morning.

4. Press ups
5 minutes
I do 3 sets of maximum press ups each morning in between my journaling, box breathing and kegel exercises.

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If you’re not keen on press-ups, you could do another exercise such as squats, lunges or anything else. 10 reps of any exercise is good enough to reap the benefits.

Doing this is great for waking up the body and mind, and getting the endorphins flowing. It’s amazing how 10 reps of an exercise can transform a blurgh day into a good day within seconds.

I do press ups as I’ve never been very keen on them, so it’s good for me to get something done that I don’t like, which in turn gives a huge psychological win to my day before 7am.

Also, I’m forever trying to improve my press ups, so it’s an opportunity to get 45 done (I’m currently at 3 x 15 reps) before most people are even awake.

5. Box Breathing or Meditate
10 minutes
This is the second most effective thing on this list, second to journaling.

I spend 10 minutes doing box breathing.
Click here to read about box breathing.

Sometimes I swap box breathing for meditation or Wim Hof breathing but my default is box breathing. I like it because it feels like meditation, plus has physical benefits on the body.

If I do not have enough time for 10 minutes, I take 10 conscious breaths instead.

*After this, I do my second set of press ups.

6. CBD Oil
1 minute
I’ve been using CBD oil since March 2019 and swear by it.

It’s helped me overcome anxiety and depression, and as a result, live a cheerful and productive life.

Click here to read more about CBD oil.

BONUS: Kegel exercises
7-8 minutes
I’ve added this one as a bonus as it’s not everyone’s cup of tea, plus it doesn’t have a direct effect on mood and productivity (although it does for me).

I was introduced to Kegel exercises in 2018, and enjoy using the time to concentrate on one thing and not letting my mind snap straight into the day ahead.

It gives me a sense of achievement to do something small, yet useful at the start of my day.

Kegels have some great benefits – thanks Dave! 😜 You’ll have to read this blog to know about Dave πŸ˜‰

*After this I do my third and final set of press ups

BONUS 2: Exercise
I do my exercise in the morning.

I like to get it done first thing so then I can crack on with my day.
It’s also great to wake the body up and get the endorphins flowing.

I exercise in a fasted state, which is great training for my adventures.

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The whole routine (minus the exercise) takes around 45 minutes, although I have 60 minutes blocked out in my schedule for my morning.
I like to unwind into the day REALLY slowly, so sometimes I’ll take longer.

If you’d like a morning routine but don’t have this much time, start with a few things from the list above.


  • I sit somewhere really comfortable for my morning routine – I love enjoying the process.
  • I have a strict no phone policy in the morning. All my focus is on what I am doing.
  • There are some mornings where I cannot do my routine – an early morning meeting, not enough sleep, etc. I like to pick it back again as soon as I can.
  • I usually take Sundays off from the routine as Sunday is my super chill day.
  • If I get time to do one thing from the list, it’s the 5 minute journal. This is by far the most powerful of all the things.
  • As I mentioned above, I like to unwind into my day really slowly. The first hour of my morning is spent relaxing and letting thoughts flow. It’s like the equivalent to most people relaxing on the sofa at night.
  • I go to bed 1 hour earlier than I used to so I can integrate this into my day. At first, it felt like a sacrifice, now it feels like a privilege.
  • If your day doesn’t allow you to have a morning routine, then perhaps trying this later in the day. It may well have the same effect. Getting it done in the morning before the brain clicks into action is pretty lush though!

I hope you liked this blog and feel inspired to start your day with something relaxing.

The modern world runs at a fast pace and some people jump out of bed, grab a coffee and a piece of toast and are out the door.

It’s really important to take the time and assess our minds, bodies and lives.
Your brain will thank you for it.

Do you have a morning routine?
Maybe you are going to try this one after reading it?
I’d love to hear what you think about it all – come and find me on social media and let me know.

Thank you, Tim Ferriss, for educating me on this – it has completely changed my way of life and I get so much done as a result.