Turbo Tea: The Best Start to Your Day

I’ve been drinking this brilliant brew most mornings since November 2017.

It started after reading one of my favourite books, Tools of Titans by Tim Ferriss.
In his book, Tim outlines his morning routine (which I totally copied), which includes Titanium Tea.

Titanium Tea is similar to Turbo Tea but includes coconut oil and/or butter. *gag.
I couldn’t bear the thought of this so excluded them and formulated my own version.


* Tim Ferriss recommends Pu-erh black tea and some fancy green tea but they are expensive and I can’t easily find them, so I enjoy loose leaf TeaPigs tea.



  • Place tea strainer in mug
  • Add one level teaspoon of black tea and one level teaspoon of green tea
  • Add boiling water and steep for 1-2 minutes
  • Add a sprinkle of tumeric powder
  • Add slices of ginger
  • Stir, remove strainer and enjoy.


  1. If you do not have loose leaf tea, you can use 1 of each tea bag. This is a good option for travel.
  2. I prefer loose leaf tea for several reasons:
    a). I find the quality is better than teabags
    b) it’s kinder to the environment as there is less waste
    c). it’s better value for money
  3. I only drink this in the morning as I do not have caffeine beyond 11am. Having this is part of my morning ritual which sets my mind and body up for a great day ahead.
  4. I store my black and green loose leaf tea in a tin, pre-mixed in equal measures. This saves me opening two containers each morning.
  5. This tea is great made in a teapot, just multiple the recipe by the number of people you are enjoying the tea with.
  6. I can usually get a couple of mugs out of one batch. Leave the leaves in the strainer and use again. Less waste, better value for money : )
  7. Drinking this mixture on an empty stomach can sometimes make me feel sick – apparently it’s a compound in the green tea. If this happens, don’t steep the tea for as long, and sip instead of glugging.


  1. A great alternative to coffee – some caffeine and more health benefits
  2. A small amount of caffeine to wake the body up
  3. Turmeric for anti-inflammatory effects
  4. Ginger for… I don’t know…. for digestion? And it tastes nice
  5. The tea has mild fat-burning effects
  6. I find this helps with visiting the toilet (if you get my drift). I don’t know if it’s a coincidence or how it works but it does.

If you give this a go, let me know what you think over on Twitter or Instagram. Post a picture of you, mug in hand, grinning ear to ear : )

If you want to give loose leaf tea a try, I’d recommend Teapigs!

Use the code TPLT15 to get 15% off your order.

Teapigs are a fantastic brand making top quality tea, using eco-friendly packaging.
Unlike most supermarket teabags, their teabags do not contain plastic. And their tea is packaged in a cornstarch wrapping that completely biodegrades as a leaf would do in nature – MAGIC!