5 Benefits of CBD Oil

Me: I take CBD oil.
Them: Isn’t that cannabis?
Me: Kind of….
Them: Do you get high from it?
Me: No.
Them: Then why do you take it?

I’ve been taking CBD oil since April 2019.

I started because I listened to a podcast about a sportsman who uses it for recovery, and curiosity got the better of me.

Now I can’t imagine life without it and would go as far as to say it’s life-changing.

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The Benefits of CBD Oil

At the time of writing this blog, I have been taking CBD oil for 13 months.
Here are the benefits I have experienced.
I have listed them in order of what has improved the most.

  1. Reduce Anxiety
    This is by far the biggest and best benefit I have experienced!
    I have been riddled with anxiety in the past. I didn’t have anxiety attacks, but most of my adult life was tinged with tension and pressure, and I felt on edge a lot of the time.

There were occasions when I’d have a lump in the top of my throat and my heart would beat hard through my chest for days, for no reason. Iā€™d put it down to being an excitable human, but there wasn’t anything to be excited about.

Within 4 weeks of taking CBD oil, this feeling went away.
Harsh edges became smoother.
I felt calmer and more relaxed.
It happened slowly and it is difficult to explain, but there was definitely a difference.

2. Reduce Depressive Episodes
From the age of 24 to 35 I suffered from depression.

Over the years, I had four major episodes with one ending in me being taken to a doctor after considering suicide.

After 11 years of dealing with these feelings, I came to the conclusion I’d have to live with depression for the rest of my life.

Rowing across the Atlantic ocean in 2018 was like therapy for me, greatly improving my mental health. A few months after returning back from that trip, I started taking CBD oil. I feel as though the Atlantic was the start of my recovery and the CBD oil was the catalyst.

I haven’t had a depressive episode since April 2019 – it’s now May 2020.
I don’t put this solely down to the oil, but it did play a big part of me overcoming depression.

Important note: If you suffer from depression, please do not expect that CBD oil will have the same effect on you. It might not. Please get support to help your recovery. Speak to others and let them know how you are feeling šŸ™šŸ»

3. Clear Thinking and a Calm Mind
Reading my CBD Journal back is odd because that doesn’t feel like me anymore.

My clarity of thought has improved.
I can organise my thinking better.
The brain fog has cleared.
My thinking is more rational.
I’m more chilled.
I have a better perspective on things and can make better decisions.

4. Better Memory
When I had brain fog my head was full, with no room for anything else. I couldn’t make decisions and had a poor memory.

I’ve had an excellent photographic memory since childhood, so when I noticed it had started to decrease I knew something wasn’t right.

As I mentioned in my CBD Journal, I’d have to make lots of lists to remember the smallest things. I’d forget a lot because I couldn’t organise my thoughts.

Since taking CBD oil, my thoughts have become clearer and as a result, my memory has improved and I’m back to my old self.

5. Pain Relief
When I got back from rowing across from the Atlantic Ocean, I had some nerve damage in my knee and it wasn’t healing. I’d read that CBD oil was great for injuries because of its anti-inflammatory properties.

I’ll be honest, I don’t know if the CBD oil helped heal my knee or if it got better over time, but my knee is now better.

Either way, it has huge benefits for sports people and I am great physical health.

Indirect Benefits

As a result of the above I have also experienced other improvements in my life:

Creativity & Productivty
With clearer thinking comes creativity and productivity.
I can organise my thoughts, prioritise and get things done!

I’ve been late for meetings, both personal and business since I was 16 years old. Not cool!
It feels silly to write but you’ll have to go with me on this….. since taking CBD oil I have not been late. I put it down to having a clearer thinking. I can organise my thoughts better, and as a result, organise myself and my plans better.
I’m no longer late for appointments. My parents are amazed!

Reduce Resting Heart Rate
As a result of all the above, I am more relaxed and have a lower resting heart rate. I am more zen.

Improved Sleep Quality
I’ll admit I have never had a problem with sleep but wanted to add this one in as I would imagine CBD oil would have a great effect on improving sleep.

Fewer Inhibitions
I feel like myself again – I laugh, dance and am happier. That person wasn’t around a few years ago.

From my experience, anxiety and depression can alter one’s personality. We can lose our confidence, doubt ourselves and build barriers to protect us.

Because I am calmer, productive, more creative, on time and reliable, thinking better and everything else, I have found my flow.
I have found myself.

That is a big statement for a small bottle of earthy, brown oil.

Notes & Tips

  • A 10ml bottle of CBD oil lasts me about 6-8 weeks. The one I buy is Ā£48.00 – a great investment!
  • Between finishing a bottle and starting the next, I take one week off. My theory is that it stops me becoming tolerant to it.
  • I use 2 drops of CBD oil twice a day, every morning and evening.*
  • Experiment with what dose feels right for you. Start with one drop in the morning and evening and gradually increase until you find the winning dose.
  • I’d recommend writing a CBD Journal to track your results. I found this really useful to track if it’s actually making a difference or not.
    It’s also extremely therapeutic and really useful to read it back.

*one spray of Tonic Tribe CDB oil is the same as two drops of other oils

Which brand of CBD oil do I use?

I use The Tonic Tribe CBD products.
I have been using the 8% oil because it suits me.

If you would like to order from The Tonic Tribe, enter code LAURASTRIBE15 to receive 15% off your order.

I use The Tonic Tribe because they use organic hemp and their oil is a full spectrum, which means it contains all other cannabinoids; CBG, CBC, CBN and terpenes.

I really like their approach to business – they care for their customers, their suppliers and the quality of their products. The plants are sourced from Dutch growers on an organic farm that does not use pesticides, herbicides, artificial fertilisers or harmful chemicals.

They’ve got an ethical approach to their business, from the environmentally friendly packaging to the bank they use. I like that.

I hope you enjoyed this blog and it may have answered a few questions you had about CBD oil.

Are you using it already? If so, what benefits do you experience?
Are you thinking about trying CBD but unsure?

Come and find me on social media and let me know your thoughts, I’d love to hear from you.