There Are So Many People Doing It Already!

I had a consultancy call with a client the other day. They are taking their fitness business online and we spoke about them making exercise videos for YouTube. Their reply was ‘there’s so many people doing it already.’

Similarly, my best mate just trained as a nail technician. She is an incredible artist and has a great eye for detail. I can’t believe what she creates on something the size of a fingernail.
We spoke about her doing YouTube tutorials. Her answer was “there are so many people doing it already.”

What a paralysing phrase.

If everybody thought like that, nobody would do anything.
Imagine the singers and actors, filmmakers and fitness instructors, comedians and chefs (and almost everyone else!) who wouldn’t have their career if they thought like that.

Human beings are entering and leaving the world every single second. What a sobering thought.

There’s room for everyone to do what they want.
Each person having a slightly different spin on what they create.

Be bold.
Be brave.
Start doing what you’ve always wanted to do, even if a million other people are doing it already.

I write this for others to take inspiration from, but I mostly write it for myself.
I’m an almost-38-year-old woman. I spent most of my childhood dreaming of owning my own beauty salon. Then I spent most of my early adult life doing exactly that.
With half of my life dedicated to ‘beauty’, I made a career change and stepped away from the industry aged 32.

After many years of not knowing what I wanted to do, I now know I want a career as a Content Creator; writing blogs and making YouTube videos – promoting an adventurous, healthy and cheerful life.

So imagine some of the reactions I get when people ask “what do you want to do?” and I reply “I want to make YouTube videos and write blogs.” It’s almost like saying I want to become a Hollywood actress.

There are tonnes of people doing what I want to do.
Somedays I get scared and feel like a fool. But most days I take the advice I give my clients and just get on with it.

Don’t be the person who regrets not doing something when you’re old and it’s too late.

I wrote this blog during the COVID-19 pandemic. We are in lockdown in the UK and I have been granted the gift of extra time, something I never thought could ever happen!

We are in week 4 and the days pass very quickly! Sometimes they pass so fast it scares me. It makes me realise life happens quickly and we have to act with a sense of urgency to keep up.