How I Healed my Underactive Thyroid

10/01/17This is my latest Facebook status: “Ok…… so here’s a conundrum for you. Doctors or those in the medical profession, perk your ears – I am open to suggestions on what happened.” “At the age of 24 (10 years ago), I was diagnosed with an underactive thyroid. Within 6 months of being diagnosed and having regular blood tests, my medicine dose steadily increased to 100mcg.” … Continue reading How I Healed my Underactive Thyroid

7 Natural Remedies for Acne

My Skin And I I suffered from acne from 14 years old until I was 32!It was an 18 year battle with my skin. Having always been fit, having an extremely healthy diet and being a fully qualified beauty therapist, you would think all these factors would have contributed towards healthy skin, but sadly not. In the past, I’ve taken and applied every possible shop product and prescribed … Continue reading 7 Natural Remedies for Acne

Coconut Energy Bars

All the ingredients underlined are available from the Bulk Powders website. YOU MUST TRY THESE! This recipe is from Gwyneth Paltrow’s Recipe Book, It’s All Good. I make a batch of these for race weekends, picnics and for visiting friends. They are so easy to prepare, require no cooking and you don’t need any measuring scales or culinary skills to make them. Jam-packed full of … Continue reading Coconut Energy Bars