How I Healed my Underactive Thyroid

This is my latest Facebook status:

“Ok…… so here’s a conundrum for you. Doctors or those in the medical profession, perk your ears – I am open to suggestions on what happened.”

“At the age of 24 (10 years ago), I was diagnosed with an underactive thyroid. Within 6 months of being diagnosed and having regular blood tests, my medicine dose steadily increased to 100mcg.”

“I have this theory that with enough mind power, anyone can heal their body. I have read stories and watched videos of those who have done it. So I tried it. If I can heal myself of acne (I did this a few years ago with simple skincare, hypnotherapy and affirmations) and healed myself of Raynaud’s phenomenon (google it) then I believed I could heal my thyroid.”

“2 summers ago, I intentionally stopped taking my medication believing I could heal myself. I would forget to take it occasionally for a day or so and felt fine so felt optimistic about my plan.”

“10 days in and it was like I was wading through treacle. Everything felt so difficult, thinking and moving, and I couldn’t stay awake! I would fall asleep at work, at the wheel of the car in the middle of the day, felt intensely lethargic and started to feel my depression coming back. I got straight back on the medicine and felt better.”

“Roll forward to the summer of last year, and what with the ups and downs I was having (mostly downs) and nowhere to live, my medication run out and I forgot to get more.”

“A few weeks in, I went for my regular blood tests, lied to the doctor that I was taking my medicine and the results came back ‘normal.’ “

“8 months later, January 2017, I go to my new doctor in Essex and explain the situation. She said it is not possible to heal the thyroid and I should not have stopped taking my medicine. She was concerned, as most people are who I tell about my plan. I explain to the doctor I am tired but also that I lead a very busy and active life. (I told her about my plans to row across the Atlantic, she laughs in a way she thinks I’m joking). I have my blood taken. Result = normal!”

“What has happened???? I have been off my medicine for 8 months and blood tests are normal!”

“Could I have healed myself of my underactive thyroid???”

“Wow, that went on longer than I thought it would. I just wanted to tell people.”

“***If you take medication, please do not see this as an opportunity to stop taking it. ***
I am wanting to see if anyone knows anyone else that has had this, if there are any theories and also to prove how powerful the mind is when you tell it something over and over again. In my case “I have a healthy, functioning thyroid” “I have a healthy, functioning thyroid” repeat repeat repeat repeat (you get the picture)”
End of Facebook post

There were a few comments on the post, a few well dones, a few who are sceptical that positive thinking isn’t a ‘thing’. Either way, I’m chuffed I’m now living a medication-free life. That was my intention 2 years ago and pleased to have achieved it.

If I come up with a conclusion of what happened, then I will post an update.

I have been requested to write a post on how I healed myself of Raynaud’s phenomenon, please read it here.