Van Log 011

11 hours of solid sleep, that should do it.
Did that just happen?

I’m sitting on the stairs at the Marine’s gym, brewing about my ‘misplaced’ rowing card (that’s recorded 4 months hard training) when along comes my marine mate, in full uniform carrying a gun. He says ‘Hey LT’ then passes me a lunchbox full of homemade energy bars.
He smiles then carries on walking down the stairs.

Did that just happen???

Who cares about the Log Card? I’VE GOT CLEAN SWEET TREATS!

Today is a good day! (Thank you Clair x)
I’m still feeling mildly fried, it’s our last school day before our exam tomorrow. It’s time to concentrate!
The sweet treats don’t even make it to coffee break, along with my capacity to learn anything more.

I spend the day fighting the bricks attached to my eyelids. I’m not used to sitting down for 7 hours. Maybe a pull-up, jumping squat or press up every hour might help?
MT and I continue with our eternal pursuit for sustenance. I thought being away from home would interfere with our training regime, but it turns out the kickass marine’s gym and our desire to push hard after our sea school brain workout has us lifting heavier, achieving PBs and smashing weight sessions even when we’re knackered. One problem, the appetite that comes with it.

We’re now sitting in the van after an acro yoga session, and a cheese and pickle buffet eating Mr Choc’s Duo Chocolate Spread off the spoon. 2,000 in a jar and it’s nearly empty.
2 exams tomorrow. Wish us luck! That’s if we make it out alive after Mr Choc! 🍫🍫🍫🍫🍫🍫🍫🍫🍫

Now time to revise…. in the van 🚐📚📚📚📝📝📝📚📚📚📝📝📝📝🚐🚐🚐 (although the pictures below suggest I’m on my phone…. Not on social media of course, no, not me)

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