Van Log 002

Night and day 2 in the van, and we are successfully getting systems in place, living in a 1.2m by 2m space.

This is definitely teaching me (us) a lot about compact living ready for the boat.

We spent the day chilling at Pen-Y-Fan in the van, enjoying the view. I caught up on some work on the front seats whilst MT tinkered on his guitar in the back.

Things I learnt today:

1. Chorizo, cherry tomato, Stilton cheese and paprika makes a great camping fondue with salted crisps!

2. Washing your face in the petrol services toilet makes most people uncomfortable. There’s lots of nervous laughing. I’m like “WTF, I’m just washing my face, not my bum.”

We’re now in Plymouth hanging with some buddies, after treating ourselves to a shower. Check us out!

PLUS, we just found an awesome bobble hat!

Tomorrow we’re back to school for a fortnight to learn everything sea navigation related.

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